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Getting thrills in and around Auckland and doing things like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking etc...A mixture of day and overnight trips.

Throughout the year some volunteer activities are held to put something back into the wilderness and community. Previous activites included Great Barrier cleanup and tree plantings.

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Reese Dart track

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We are doing Reese Dart track on 22nd to 27 in October. ( with extra day in Queenstown. plan is to hire 2 cars and park both ends. This will be much easier, time saving and cheaper than track transport. looking for 2 more to join with us. ( already 4 people booked air tickets). please contact me if interest. [masked]

Te Urewera: Manuoha to Waikareiti Track

Online event

Please read the following first to get an idea of the hike and what you are in for and the logistics Obviously the event will not proceed if there is COVID restrictions in place over Labour weekend - so far so good fingers crossed. Other variable will be the weather. If it turns we can discuss among ourselves- and still go to Sandy Bay Hut on the Sunday evening and potentially Waikite Hot Pool Saturday. Track to Sandy Bay is fairly flat totally under forest cover and doable in bad weather. https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/east-coast/places/te-urewera/things-to-do/tracks/manuoha-to-waikareiti-track/ I will recommend you take a screenshot or save the following on your phone - Topomap of the track. https://tramper.nz/?view=mapbrowse&ll=-38.699745,177.136016&z=13&id=2340 Carpooling and arrangements are now now sorted. Please get in touch if you got any questions. 5 people in 2 cars ($175 x2 / 5 = $70 round up . 24th of October - Arrive at Aniwaniwa Car Park (at the end of the Track) by 10am Drive to start of track (back- track) situated 100 m upstream from the Waiotukupuna Bridge from SH38 30 minute drive Duration of hike to Manoah Hut Approximately 6 hours (see in the link what you need to pay for the Manuoaha Hut. Day 1 will be a steep climb from 700 meters to 1400 meters and hopefully we get great views for the effort. If you got a tent bring it with you. 25th of October - Sunday Manuoha Hut to Sandy Bay Hut Approximately 8 hours (You will need to Book your ticket for the hut on the DoC website online ). It is gradually down but a route and not a track - so be ready for some scrambling. 26th of October - Monday Sandy Bay Hut to Aniwaniwa Car Park 4 hours (take the short route to make it back to Auckland in good time). Pick up other car at start of the track Back in Auckland before 9pm. Please don’t expect much of either huts. It is backcountry and not a great walk. Chances are that especially the first hut is full and/or might be a bit run down. However, it will be an experience for sure. I would suggest to bring a small light hiking tent along. Dry wood can be a rarity so come prepared. Sleeping bag that go down to a minimum of - 5 degrees Celsius is a great idea. Obviously your safety is your responsibility and you join the event at your own risk. If you have a PLB bring it along. Also recommend to download What3 Words on your phone . The hike is in remote wilderness area and we are here to help each other where possible, but this is a Meet -Up event and you are attending with the understanding that you still need to look after yourself. You do need to take the necessary precautions, have insurance and pack and plan for the event including basic medical kit. Also when we hike we are at least within hearing distance from each other.

Labour Weekend -Rotorua

Online event

Let’s go to Rotorua for a fun long weekend Leaving Auckland at 7am and drive down to Rotorua. We have a weekend of day hikes organised and we will come home Monday. SATURDAY • Arrive Rotorua and leave our bags at The Funky Green Voyager Back Packers • 12pm Everyone at reception and ready to leave for the hike • Tarawera Outlet to Falls track (10km) • Evening plans to be confirmed SUNDAY - The hiking times are estimates only • Up bright and early, meet in the entrance of Funky Green Voyager Back Packers at 7.45am and on the road by 8am • Arrive at Whirinaki Forest by 9.30am • 9.45am - Hike Whirinaki Waterfall Loop Track (11km), we will have lunch somewhere along the track • 2.00pm – Hike Arohaki Lagoon Track (6kms) • 4.15pm travel back to Rotorua and stop in at Kerosene Creek Hot Pools MONDAY • Everyone ready at 8am to leave for the hike and trip home • Rainbow Mountain (5km), be aware that this is quite a steep climb • Lunch on the mountain or at the end • Return trip home ACCOMMODATION • Recommend booking early as it’s a long weekend and everywhere is filling up fast! • There are a variety of bed options at Funky Green Backpackers (with onsite parking) http://www.booking.com/Share-tY5c7q HIKES Tarawera Outlet https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/bay-of-plenty/places/lake-tarawera-scenic-reserve/things-to-do/tarawera-outlet-to-falls-track/ Arohaki Lagoon Track https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/east-coast/places/whirinaki-te-pua-a-tane-conservation-park/things-to-do/tracks/arohaki-lagoon-track/ Whirinaki Waterfall Loop Track https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/east-coast/places/whirinaki-te-pua-a-tane-conservation-park/things-to-do/tracks/whirinaki-waterfall-loop-track/ Kerosene Creek Hot Pools http://waterfalls.co.nz/waterfalls-by-region/79-new-zealand-waterfalls/north-island/bayofplenty/268-kerosene-creek-waterfall Rainbow Mountain https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/bay-of-plenty/places/rainbow-mountain-and-waiotapu-scenic-reserves/things-to-do/rainbow-mountain-summit-track/ OTHER INFO • Book your own accommodation • Organise car-pooling below • Cash for whoever drives EXTRAS • Options for evening activities might include hot pools/spa baths or mud spa. Let’s keep an eye on Grabone and the like for fun deals. If you are wanting to car pool or are happy to use your car for others, please put in the comments. I’m happy to help co-ordinate but it is up to you guys to get yourselves to the start point. Carpooling does require some etiquette.... bringing spare shoes to wear on the way home, a plastic bag to store mucky shoes and wet clothes, maybe a towel to dry yourself off or dust-off sand, spare clothes if you think you might get wet. It’s not fair to create a mess in someone’s car giving them extra work afterwards. Be prepared – remember this is a full weekend of hiking Ensure you take: • plenty of drinking water • healthy food/snacks • a water/windproof jacket, hat, sunscreen and wear warm, layered clothing • hiking boots • mobile phone • small first aid kit • head lamp/torch • sleeping bag Please note as with any meetup you are attending the event is at your own risk. Your safety is your responsibility. Please no jeans. Please only sign up if you are committed to coming along and if your circumstances change please take your name off the list as soon as possible as it is unfair on people who are on the waiting list to get themselves organised at the last minute.

Te Pua-a-Tāne Circuit - Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park

79.5Km - 5 day hike - no mobile reception. A Very large remote rain forest on the North Island not too far from Lake Waikaremoana. Early start on the 1 Jan from Auckland. More details https://www.doc.govt.nz/globalassets/documents/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/east-coast-hawkes-bay/walks-in-whirinaki.pdf Day 1 Auckland to River Road Car Park Depart Auckland approx. 6:30 am (at the latest) - also to give time for breaks on the road. River Road car park to Central Whirinaki Hut Time: 5 hr 16km Day 2: Central Whirinaki Hut to Upper Te Hoe Hut Time: 8 hr 45 min 17.7km Day 3: Upper Te Hoe Hut to Mangakahika Hut Time: 8 hr 30 min 15km Day 4: Mangakahika Hut to Moerangi Hut Time: 6 hr 30 min 17.5km Day 5: Moerangi Hut to River Road car park Time: 4 hr 30 min 13km Depart and arrive in Auckland in the evening on the 5th of January. I would recommend that you bring a small light hiking tent along. Bunk beds limited to 9 . There will likely be other hiking parties this time of the year. Dry wood can be a rarity so come prepared. “Jeans” is a big No- No. Please bring along appropriate clothing for wet, warm and humid conditions. Layers of quick dry clothing would be the best option. Expectation that you have that done some multi day hiking before carrying your own back pack. If not, please do not click the RSVP button. The hike is in remote wilderness area and we are here to help each other where possible, but this is a Meet -Up event and you are attending with the understanding that you still need to look after yourself. You do need to take the necessary precautions, have insurance and pack and plan for the event including basic medical kit. Also when we hike we are at least within hearing distance from each other. I am not going to go into a detail packing list what you need to bring along. I you don’t know, please don’t click the button. Car Pooling. On current fuel costs it will cost more or less +- $175 for a car on gas for the return. Approximate 4 people per car +- $50 . If we go 1 car with 4 people comfortably in a SUV with backpacks. I will drive with SUV (if one car) so no need to worry and can pick up on the way South if it makes things easier. Can discuss those logistics later on. Will review expression of interest nearer to the time. Maximum bunk capacity is 9 for many of these back country huts so I try this to a very small group. Obviously your safety is your responsibility and you join the event at your own risk. Event is conditional on COVID 19 which is a clear unknown

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Mt Hikurangi

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