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Meetup for everyone who wants to explore and improve the craft of agile coaching. All our meetups are workshop-based, only hands-on experience and a safe space to practice, discuss and learn.

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The Intersections Unconference - Collaboration Across Disciplines

Please register via our event page here: https://events.humanitix.com/intersections-virtual-unconference A 1-day immersive unconference to connect, learn and play at the intersection of Agile Coaching, UX Design and Customer Experience. Operational silos, jargon, and discipline-specific ways of working can be a barrier to achieving outcomes for the very organisations and teams we are trying to support. At the same time, we often find ourselves networking and collaborating with people who are not only like-minded, but also like-practiced. Join us at this virtual unconference to break out of your comfort zone and collaborate across disciplines. Explore and co-create approaches to designing and delivering products and services across Agile Coaching, UX Design and Customer Experience. Break out of your practice silo, challenge your perspective and collaborate across disciplines at the Intersections Unconference. Who is it for? People who make products, services and/or experiences and are passionate about positive outcomes for customers. Why participate? Connect with people who have different perspectives and experiences to yourself, but share your passion Grow your thinking and your ideas Experiment with ideas and approaches that you couldn’t try out at work Have fun! Who is behind this? The Intersection Unconference is a collaboration between The Auckland Agile Coaching Meetup, The Customer Experience Collective, and User Experience Auckland to offer our communities the opportunity to connect, learn and play across disciplines.

Collaboration Workbook Session

Online event

For the last few years, Ed Wong and Craig Brown have been diving into what Collaboration really means, collecting stories and responses to surveys, with the aim of discovering patterns across our industry. In this session, we will work through a Collaboration workbook where participants think about Collaboration via a series of different lenses. We will ask ourselves what collaboration means to us and share our stories of great collaborations we have been a part of. We will also look at aggregated data from previous sessions conducted in Australia and elsewhere. We are going to present this data at the Lean Agile Exchange event in September. Themes: Collaboration, Culture, Communication, International, Data, Research IMPORTANT: we will be trying out a new Australian developed video conferencing system called Video Facilitator. You’ll need to use a Chromium-based browser (such as Google Chrome, Opera, Brave or Microsoft Edge). Mobile devices can connect once you have downloaded the Jitsi Meet app, which you will be prompted to install. Meeting link : https://meet.videofacilitator.com/join/anywhere?id=0ac0bdfd0deb4ab08f3efa6a654d9bb6 Password: meetup-here

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Book Club #8 - virtual session

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