What we're about

This a group for anyone for loves reading and enjoys nothing better than to chat about books over drinks or a meal.
At this stage I don't plan for us to talk about a specific book.Rather to pick a different topic for each meeting and use that as a starting point. For example favourite books favourite authors , books that have been disappointing and hot water bottle reads . As well as specific genres crime, dystopia ,horror, historical, biography etc

We'll meet at a café or restaurant, somewhere pretty relaxed
So if you spend far too much time on http://www.goodreads.com this could well be a group you'd enjoy.

We're a friendly group so don't feel nervous about coming along for the first time, book lovers always have plenty to chat about!

Some serious points:

Please if you have previously RSVP'd yes to meetup and then can't make it,make sure you change your status to not attending. This allows someone on the waitlist the chance to attend.Also if you can't make it on on the day please let me know-it's the polite thing to do.Also I always book a table at the restaurant in advance and I like to let them know ASAP if there is a change in numbers.I realise things can happen at the last minute but please let me know.

If someone has three no shows(ie just not turning up without letting me know) I will remove them from the group as it is disrespectful to me and the other members of the group.

This is a great site for second hand books.They post very cheaply to NZ and money from each purchase goes to literacy charities


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Brunch and book chatter

The Winter Gardens

So it's been a long time coming but we can finally meet up!
This month's theme is the letter "D".So to clarify this includes books written by an author whose first name or surname (or both) begins with the letter D.Also books that have titles that begin with the letter .It includes titles that start with the word "the".For example The Da Vinci Code would be eligible.

Obviously there will be some changes due to Covid.Firstly our meeting can only be for 1.5 hours.I know this will be hard for us as we all have so much to catch up on and books to discuss.

Also everyone needs to be double vaxxed to enter the cafe.

We will have the meeting in the Wintergarden Café again as the food and location are so lovely.If you haven't been to a meeting there before we're usually in the side room on one long table.I will make sure to have a book on the table in front of me so you can spot us.
I came across Christmas appeal which I know will be close to all our hearts.I donated and choose some of my favourite childhood reads.


On a serious note.Please only RSVP yes if you actually intend to attend .I realise that things happen and sometimes people can't make it,if that happens please change your RSVP to no so someone on the wait list can attend. Often people just don't show up with no explanation this is discourteous to me,the other book club members and the venue.If you fail to turn up 3 times without changing your RSVP I will remove you from the club.

Here is the link for a brilliant book website where every purchase helps literacy charities .They have a great selection and the postage to NZ is minimal.

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Brunch and book chatter

The Winter Gardens

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