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Auckland Buddhist Study & Meditation Group

We are a Buddhist discussion group that meet weekly on a Tuesday evening to discuss the teachings (dharma) of the Buddha and practice Buddhist meditation. As a non-denominational group, we are not aligned to any particular tradition and take an inclusive approach, so we explore Theravadin Buddhism as well as Mahayana texts, working up to Abhidharma studies. The dharma is succinctly expressed as Sila (morality), Samatha (mental cultivation) and Prajna (wisdom) and our practice of meditation and the insight derived from the study of the dharma covers off two of these. Your morality is the concern of your own karmic stream....

Meetings are open to all, whether you are already a Buddhist or not - or are just interested in finding out more. But please note, this is intended as a more serious and motivated study group rather than being primarily a 'social' group. There is an expectation that participants will purchase the books we are studying and commit to some reading and study each week as we usually work from a text and use that as a basis for our discussions.

Basic texts we work from include:
'What the Buddha Taught' by W Rahula
'Mahayana Buddhism' by B Suzuki
'The Heart of Understanding' by Thich Nhat Hanh

Advanced studies include the works of Santideva, Vasubandhu and Nagarjuna.

Tibetan Buddhist works are better studied with Tibetan Buddhist groups (and there are a number of those in Auckland) so these are beyond our remit; and we shall generally avoid what may be termed 'westernised' presentations of Buddhism where these evidently do not accord with fundamental dharma teachings or have developed demonstrable cultic tendencies.

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