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Welcome to Business Strategy, The community created to connect Entrepreneurs, Owners, Start-ups, Investors and people at all stages of their business journey.

Everything we do, we do because we believe passionately that when people connect with each other, this ignites growth in all areas - in business, personal, and all areas of life are enriched through the energy created by connection. So we attract and nurture a community of inter-connected people and companies, and through the power of that network comes a series of events, informal networking get-togethers, business referrals, workshops, and 1:1 learning & growth. Join in the rhythm of conversation, share your business journey, and connect with like-minded people at our regular events.

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Business Growth Social Networking - CBD

Tom Tom

Welcome! Business Strategy NZ is a community of likeminded business-builders at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are purpose-led, passionate about connecting with others and see great connections as the start of a spark for growth. The third Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm, we catch-up in an easy-going relaxed meet and greet format social meetup where community members can connect, share about their business, and discuss all topics of interest. Regularly we have short talks from members sharing a particular area of expertise, and how they have grown a successful business around it. If you'd like to build clients and referrals or spread the word about your venture contact our organisers for more info. There are always a lot of first-timers at our social meetups, please feel welcome and encouraged to come along and be a part of our event, no matter what stage of business you are currently at. For more information on us, please visit the community landing page http://bit.ly/BSNZlandingS We look forward to welcoming you at our next meetup!

Find the Right CoFounder - Founders Round Table by Innovitas

Registration: http://bit.ly/BSNZ-FRT-S If you've ever had a business idea or are currently in the process of starting your own company, you've probably thought about -- or experienced firsthand -- the hunt for a co-founder. Finding the right business partner is extremely hard but pretty important if you want to move past being a solopreneur. At, Founders’ Round Table – February, we’ll explore effective ways and critical factors to consider when finding the right co-founder. We'll share our experiences, stories and tangible advice with the group. Founders' Round Table, an initiative of Innovitas in association with Business Strategy NZ and The Common, is a monthly meet of founders and startup enablers to come together and discuss their experiences, stories, challenges and opinions. The forum helps build meaningful insights, learn from others experience and take away effective next steps for your business from the group. Founders Round Table is for businesses in early operating phase. You have a tradable product or service, you are a New Zealand GST Registered company, and you are focused on rapid expansion, both within New Zealand and Internationally. Each month the mastermind focuses on a unique aspect of scaling business. There are also opportunities to deliver your company pitch, and connect with experienced ecosystem enablers. Event registration is required to attend: Registration: http://bit.ly/BSNZ-FRT-S Our events are free and you can also upgrade your attendance, unlocking additional benefits. Welcome and we look forward to seeing you at Founders Round Table.

Harness Technology and Scale your Business

**Register Here: http://bit.ly/BSNZ-TechPsych19 ** Harness Technology and Scale your Business Tech Strategy Tips from the IT Psychiatrist Technology drives everything in modern business. To work efficiently and grow your business ahead of the competition, the right technology is undisputedly essential. However technology can be complex and confusing, and without expertise it is all too easy to spend in areas that are not core to your company's growth trajectory. Many companies overlook this and underestimate what they need to do to manage their technology. This ends up consuming time and money which could be better spent elsewhere. This interactive workshop is designed for business owners who know they need to improve their technology use but want to do it in a context of business growth strategy. Informative and non-technical, together we will explore tips and tricks for business owners to get the most out of their business technology both now and in the future. **Register Here: http://bit.ly/BSNZ-TechPsych19 ** By joining this growth workshop event you will: * Know what you need to do to plan your technology for the business you want to grow. * Identify hidden areas where you can reduce unnecessary expense on technology. * Determine your plan to protect your most critical digital assets. * Receive an expert template to build your own technology policy. **Register Here: http://bit.ly/BSNZ-TechPsych19 **

Masterbuilder – Customer Avatar Discovery Workshop

BizDojo Takapuna | Coworking & Shared Office Space Takapuna

** Register through our website http://bit.ly/BSNZ-190220 Discover powerful insights about your ideal customer and how your business can attract, connect and trade with them using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® techniques. Tap into your unlimited creativity using the powerful LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® insight framework. Mike Phillips, Trained facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method will conduct a masterclass specifically for business sales managers and established solopreneur members of Business Strategy NZ. In this lightening workshop, you will have the opportunity to leverage fun & powerful creative learning system used by teams in some of NZ largest and most successful companies and quickly build new insights about your ideal customer and how to connect with them. You will be astounded how quickly and effectively you will reach completely new conclusions about your ideal customer and how to reach them using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® techniques. ** Register through our website http://bit.ly/BSNZ-190220 * Hands-on active building * Explain insights to the group and receive constructive feedback * Discover simple and effective ways to tune your customer acquisition and create new sales opportunities. Join us in the Canteen at Bizdojo Takapuna – The Future of Work is Social, on February 20th from 4:00pm for this BSNZ community event. Register on the right and join us for this fun and engaging event! ** Register through our website http://bit.ly/BSNZ-190220

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