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Auckland Christian Singles exists to fill the much-overlooked gap in life, society and our churches of “how do 30+ singles and single again straight Christian people connect with others who find themselves in the same place in life?”

It can be an agony when it comes time to find the right friends or a partner in your life especially if you are a devoted Christian. Trust me, we know! This meetup is intended for Christians to find friends for life and possibly much more as you have a great time mixing and mingling. When you view our events, realise that when you go “You” open yourself to new worlds of possibilities. It’s not just the people who attend, 80% of life is showing up, there’s so much involved in relationship dynamics, such as through new people we meet new people. We aim for a nexus of 4 to 6 persons minimum for small events like coffees & 10+ for larger events such as dinners. Some attendees might not be your cup of tea....don’t let that faze you, as that’s just how it is at say church, a wedding or an event too . .don’t be reticent in coming forward. We’re not peddling the disappointments of the likes of Tinder, this is mixing and mingling. You can also contact people directly on the site or via our discussion aspect organise to get together with a few people on the site in your area. We plan to have different activities often.

Our hopes to add to your hope & to make this Meetup fun, safe & enjoyable. Most importantly we want to create a meetup where singles can just be themselves, make friends, hopefully long-life friends and who knows maybe meet a significant other. If youve not visited our Facebook page which leads to the Meetup site go have a look.


Here’s a link to a good, independent write up on the group ....ps - this website is being upgraded.


We remove people who don’t show a photo or their church affiliation so, just in case we miss the occasional one, we seriously suggest you have "no" contact with members not showing photos or declaring their church affiliation for your own safety. Those who sign up to events but do no shows risk removal from the group. Good people & friends show respect. There is an adequate facility in the rsvp to remove oneself if your circumstances change and you can’t make it. God Bless you all!

Ps. If after belonging and attending for at least a few months you’d like to become an event coordinator please be in touch.

Ian & the team.

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ROAD TRIP!!! - Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens

How about we escape from Auckland, for the afternoon, and visit the Hamilton Gardens. This also allows our Hamilton friends to join us.

Minimum four people (from Auckland) to go (car load) so that we can car share. It's no fun with one.

On the way back, we can stop off somewhere for dinner (in Hamilton), if we so desire.

I'll take my car, so that can fit three other people.

The 1pm time is the leaving time from Auckland.
Aim to get to Hamilton by 2.45pm.


For those who've truly loved and it didn't work out ...
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

A so touching song so you know you are not alone...


Music....& songs..
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

The Voice Romania 2016. Missing that special someone - a 4 chair turning audition that speaks it all


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