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This is not a 'Meetup Group' as such -

A Successful Group- Lifelong Friendships have been made and several romantic relationships have come from this group, just from doing fun things together!!

This is an active small 'Social Group of real friends' (rather than a big public club) -for friendly Professionals - single and couples - who want to get out and do some Classy events and FUN social things together. Make NEW FRIENDS is the primary goal . . . so WE (and you) all share our ideas for events, where we can. Enables FREEDOM to do whatever you want, and have nice company! Its easy, as small groups only- Just press the 'CREATE EVENT' Button and post a link to something you like, and see if any interest. An Organiser pays the fees and does the maintenance, but we all suggest the ideas for fun events.

****Please note the points below, before you apply thanks.

**** Wanted- MORE GUYS PLEASE - Where are all the Professional Guys in Auckland??? ******

** CLASSY is: For well educated, articulate, worldly, active people with integrity - genuine and RELIABLE- who love good conversation.

** Non-Smokers only sorry

** WINING AND DINING - For people who love dining out at least once a week, with a wine (so must be able to, at least, smell the bouquet in a glass!)- who have funds for entertainment ;-) for some cute BYO cafes, and some classy restaurants and bars. Try all the great places in AKL (see events list below). . . FUN, FITNESS, FRIENDS ;-)

** INTEGRITY - Because this is a group of REAL friends, utmost integrity, consideration and good manners must be used in all RSVPs, as you would with your own friends. Someone puts alot of time and effort into every event, so no-shows are unacceptable, as are last minute cancellations without good reason! ;-)

** UNIQUE CONCEPT - What we are doing, is all SHARING our social lives . . . things we would be going to anyway. Small groups only, so easy. (where life allows!)

**CELLPHONE no. is required by Organisers on joining, to ensure all runs smoothly

** ACTIVE members only, as that is how you make friends - so PLEASE DO NOT JOIN, IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO COME TO AN EVENT SOON and SHARE one of your ideas! (if you have work/children restraints, which mean only the odd event, that is fine, but please let the organisers know- thanks)

**ALL information requested must be given please, in order to consider your application to join -if not, due to very limited time, organisers will have to DECLINE it sorry, and you will have to resubmit- (NOTE that THERE ARE 10 PROFILE POINTS IN ALL, numbered, AND ONLY FULLY COMPLETE PROFILES WILL BE ACCEPTED) - also your REAL FIRST NAME, and a REAL PHOTO of you, (recognisable - showing you only, not a group pic!) must be on your profile in this group.


**ALL these and any other EVENT SUGGESTIONS CAN BE SUGGESTED, BY YOU, at anytime, for expressions of interest ;-) This will make it more dynamic and more variety. When we get busy, there will be less events, so then YOU will have to SHARE some of the things you are doing ;-)

e.g. ARTY or MUSICAL events - Theatre, Art Gallery events, Art Exhibition openings, Opera, Film Festival, Movies, Photography, Markets, Performing Arts, Concerts, Free concerts in Park in summer, Jazz Cafe, Classical- Philharmonia, Shows, Sculpture Parks. .

e.g. DESIGN fans- architecture, interiors, clothes, gardens, antiques, accessories, product design, car design . . . .

eg. DANCING- Ceroc, Salsa, Latin, Tango . . . . ;-)

e.g. Getting dressed up and going out to SPECIAL EVENTS . . . Balls, Parties, Opera, Shows, Aotea etc

e.g. Sporty- SKIING trips, Snowplanet, LANE SWIMMING, fun swimming, Horse riding, SAILing, ICE Skating . .

e.g. TRAVEL . . . Day trips, weekends away, overseas . .

e.g. WINE tasting, vineyard trips, . . .

e.g. DINING OUT at classy restaurants, cute classy cafes, Fine Wine, gourmet foodies, exotic food, fine cuisine . . .

e.g. DINNER PARTIES - progressive dinners, make a Jamie Oliver 15 min gourmet together, gourmet BBQs, Tabletop Cooking with Raclette Grill (Swiss) in winter

e.g. Coffee culture at classy CAFES . . brunches, etc

e.g. Outdoors in SUMMER- beach, picnics, Sculpture Park Walks

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