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Below are the description for the different kinds of event hosted by ACG.

Each type is a unique experience with different types of bike required, levels of skill, time, and scenery. You'll see event announcements begin with the type so you can filter by your interests.

Mountain biking. Off-road, muddy, technical, up- and down-hill.
Requires a mountain bike and maybe protective gear.

On-road, typically longer distance between 30-100km with pace 20-30km/hr. Suitable for road bikes. Requires stamina and fitness.

Low-key, low-intensity, high fun. Any bike will do (unless stated otherwise - so check the event description).

City rides with mixed on-and off-road. Suitable for mountain bikes and urban/commuter/hybrid bikes. May or may not be suitable for road bikes (refer to individual event descriptions for clarification).

Overnight, out of town, longer events requiring planning. Details vary so check the event description.

Upcoming events (5)

[MTB] Novice Boot Camp - SUMMER 2021 : "SKILL DRILLS & TIPS" - Session 2 of 6


ONLY those that were on the RSVP list of Session ONE Boot Camp ( https://www.meetup.com/Auckland-Cycling-Group/events/275642070/) and attended that session are eligible to attend the remainder of this 6 session course. You CANNOT come onto this course part way through as you will not have learnt the required skills covered in previous sessions.

***** TOTALLY NEW COURSE for SUMMER 2021 *****


This MTB Skills Boot Camp was run every year since 2014. It has proved to be a very popular event with our riders who have benefited greatly from receiving instruction, tips and general training on fundamental MTB skills.

REVIEW TRAINEE COMMENTS: See what trainees have been saying about the course in the comments section for an early run course here - https://www.meetup.com/Auckland-Cycling-Group/events/245458047/

While you will certainly get better by going out on the group rides, & I'm a great supporter of time in the saddle being key to building ability, there are some fundamental skills that our novice riders could & should be learning from the beginning which would supercharge their confidence in leaps and bounds.

BTW - don't confuse the word 'Novice' with the term 'Beginner'. I use the term Novice to describe a skill level not the length of time you have been riding. I know that even if you've been riding for some time now (without any formal training) that these sessions will be an big eye opener in regards to the bad habits you probably have that are limiting your skill advancement.

This is a 6 part "SEQUENTIAL" series so to really benefit from it you need to attend ALL sessions which means you need to be truly motivated, committed and enthusiastic participants. Keep this in mind when RSVP'ing

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will only be inviting those that are RSVP'd for this first session to the future 5 remaining sessions. So you have to be on this RSVP list by the close off (MONDAY 5th OCTOBER) to ensure your spot is secured for future invites.

ALSO This is very much a sequential course so you cannot realistically come on part way through so if you miss one of the sequential sessions you will not be able to do the next one as you won't have learnt the skills required to proceed.

The Boot Camp will be a series of 6 Consecutive Training Sessions which will focus primarily on instructing and building up your fundamental MTB skills to make you a better, faster more confident rider on the forest tracks.

Essentially taking you from an unskilled Novice to a Skilled Novice.

You will need to attend all 6 sessions as they will progress you step by step through a series of fundamental elements (meaning each session is different) & is intended to lift your skill level each time so you are proficient enough to progress to the next set of skills to be covered.

Some sessions may be ridden on proper tracks & be a semi normal ride scenario, but others might not even put you on a track at all, & some may be a repetition of a small section of trail to intensly target the skills required - it all depends on what you will be learning at the time.

The Course runs Saturday Mornings, on staggered dates either 1 or 2 weeks apart to work around holidays and other commitments. You will receive around 24-27 hours of instruction in total.

Session times may vary depending on other commitments and also suitable location requirements for specific training sessions etc. However I always try to maintain a certain level of consistency wherever possible to ensure attendees have the best possible chance of attending all sessions in this sequence (see schedule below).


The 6 Sessions in this Novice Course will cover the following subjects (in the following order):

1] Sat 13th Feb 2021 - Back to Basics @ Auckland Domain (completed)
2] Sat 27th Feb 2021 - Skill Drills and Quick Tips @ Auckland Domain
3] Sat 6th Mar 2021 - How to Brake Safely @ Totora Park
4] Sat 20th Mar 2021 - Cornering Techniques, Climbing & Timing @ Woodhill
5] Sat 27th Mar 2021 - Obstacles & Importance of Confidence @ TBC
6] Sat 10th Apr 2021 - Drops/Downhills, Attitude & Pulling it together @ TBC


All sessions are a minimum of 4-4.5 hours in duration and will generally start in the AM (8.00am-12.30pm). With 6 sessions of 4+ hours each means you receive around 27hrs of targeted instruction.

NOTE: venues for this course will change at certain times, the first 2 sessions will be held at the Auckland Domain simply because it is central (so more accessible to all) & offers suitable terrain to provide the training to be covered in those sessions. As we progress we will start going further a field.

Disclaimer: I don't rate myself as a guru or anything so grandiose, I'm simply an enthusiastic & confident intermediate rider, however I'm pretty sure I am experienced enough to impart a certain degree of valuable advice to any beginner who wishes to significantly improve their knowledge and skill base. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

[MTB] Timber Trail over 2 days with overnight glamping

Bennett Road Carpark Timber Trail


Considered one of the highlights of the New Zealand Cycle Trail, The Timber Trail is fast becoming a must-do ride for riders of all skill and fitness levels. Rated a Grade 2-3, the 85km trail traverses through ancient forests with spectacular scenery complemented by the rich and unique history of the area. It is an unforgettable adventure experience.

A big part of this trail’s appeal are the expansive views offered by the eight large suspension bridges along the trail, the splendour of the forest, and the sounds of birdcalls as you meander across the very remote heart of the North Island. A special feature includes the impressive 141m-long crossing of the Maramataha Stream set 55m above the stream bed – making it the longest suspension bridge open for cycling in the country.


1. We meet at Bennett road car park in Ongarue (end of Timber Trail) at 8:30am on Saturday
2. We and our bikes are shuttled from Ongarue to Pureora to start our ride for day 1.
3. Our luggage and food/beverages are transferred from Ongarue to Camp Epic (half way point on the Timber trail).
4. We ride the first 40km of the Timber Trail from Pureora to Camp Epic.
5. We stay at Camp Epic on Saturday night.
6. On Sunday morning we start the next 42km of the Timber Trail from Camp Epic to Ongarue.
7. Our luggage will be collected and waiting for us when you finish back in Ongarue.
8. We pack up and head back home


Camp Epic is a private fully-serviced campground located at Piropiro in Pureora Forest Park. Camp Epic has been designed to enable you to experience the beauty of the surrounding native forest and all it has to offer. Sleep comfortably in our large canvas tents, waking up to a variety of bird song. Cook a meal in our camp kitchen or over the camp fire. Relax and socialize under the uninterrupted starry sky with a drink or toasting marshmallows. Refresh in our hot showers looking out at the stunning native forest. Camp Epic is a comfortable camping destination for those who love the outdoors.

Camp Epic is located right on the Timber Trail near the half way mark, making it the perfect overnight accommodation option for users of the Timber Trail.

Camp Epic Facilities
- 14 fully-serviced large canvas tents with two single beds. Bedding & towels supplied.
- A tent site area for those who wish to bring their own tent and bedding.
- An ablution block with flushing toilets and hot showers.
- An open air camp kitchen and covered dining area. With gas cooktops, bbq and fridge. All cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils provided.
- Camp Epic is self-catered. But we do have a basic help yourself pantry with tea, coffee, condiments, spices, cooking oil, spreads, cereal, milk, etc.
- Centralized camp fire pit area with seating.
​NB: We are isolated and off-grid, so our water and power supply is limited.


$160 pp for Glamping package (shared accommodation in Glamping tent, 2 per tent), the package includes 1 nights accommodation, bedding & towels supplied, shuttle from Ongarue to Pureora, and your luggage transferred to/from Camp Epic. There are 28 glamping spots available.

$90 pp tenting package (you bring your own tent, mattress & sleeping bag), the package includes use of facilities, shuttle from Ongarue to Pureora, and your luggage and tent transferred to/from Camp Epic. There are only 8 tenting spots available (first come first serve).


Full payment required by the middle of January 2021. Please only RSVP if you intend on going.


I would recommend you stay in Taumarunui on the Friday night to avoid a long drive on Saturday morning since we are meeting the shuttles at 8:30am. I am not going to do a group booking for Friday night. We can use the comments to organize shared accommodation among ourselves.

Bike Maintenance Classes with Adventure Cycles in Western Springs

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only stay on the RSVP if you are actually going to attend the classes, when people don't turn up it's not fair on the provider or our other ACG members who would like to attend. Please be considerate and keep your commitment and RSVP's up to date at all times.


Well you asked for it.... so we have delivered.


According to our last members poll over 50% of you are interested to know how to do some form of DIY bike maintenance, plus learn more about how your bikes work.

You may not have realised it but there is a little 'old school' style bike repair shop in Western Springs called Adventure Cycles (http://www.adventure-auckland.co.nz/adventurecycles/php/serv_class.php) who already offers maintenance classes to the public on the first monday of every month.... and anyone can go along and learn whatever is high on your priority list at the current moment.

Rather than reinvent the wheel (pun intended) we've decided to work in with them to offer you some maintenance classes.

Whether it be as simple as how to change a tyre or repair a puncture or way more complex like replacing your rear cassette, adjusting your derailleurs, changing brake pads, repacking your bottom bracket or any other multitude of maintenance skills you can ask their Shimano & CABDA certified tutors to show you how in a 2 hour session.

Simply grab your bike and take it into their workshop along with your wish list of things you want to learn that night and they will walk you through the processes in a very practical, hands on manner.

Anyone can go... young, old, male, or female it makes no difference --- if you want to learn a new maintenance skill then this is the opportunity for you and it only costs you $12 per session... and you can keep going back to learn a new skill each month if you wish.

Training given for both road and mountain bikes and probably just about any bicycle in between.

This won't be an event that has an auckland cycling group host present, it is simply set up to help bring a bunch of our members together for the night so you don't feel like you are going it alone... so jumpon the RSVP list and maybe even drag a friend along with you and make it a fun evening learning a new skill.

Note: this workshop is the old style of mechanic workshop so it would be best to wear old clothes that you don't mind getting a bit of grease and oil on etc as you won't find any german inspired crisp white floors at this place... its a real working workshop where you get your hands dirty.

COST is $12 per session (pay on the night - cash and eftpos available)

LOCATION: Adventure Cycles (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9%20Premier%20Ave%2C%20Auckland)- 9 Premier Ave, Western Springs, Auckland

WHAT TO BRING: Your bike, money and your agenda of what you want to learn for the evening. Also wear old clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

START TIME: 6.30pm



LIMITED TO ONLY 5 PEOPLE from ACG each session so get on the RSVP quickly. Only take a spot if you are serious about attending.

So they know where you are from please mention that you are part of Auckland Cycling Group when you are paying.

[MTB] Riverhead Evening Ride Mtb Trails - ROBINSON RD

Robinson Road

These Riverhead rides are on unmaintained rough singletrack NOT on the gravel roads and will alternate on Wednesdays between the STRIP RD carpark, the FORESTRY RD carpark and the ROBINSON RD carpark so please take note of the location and also note that this is not the WCRC Compound so please don't wait at that location.

These rides are not for beginners but for intermediate and above riders who have some mountain bike experience and want to step up from riding at Woodhill. No drop policy and will wait at junctions to re group.

Arrive by 5:15pm hit the trails at 5.30pm ride for approx 2 hours - no set tracks decided on, we will make a selection on the night.
*NOTE* There are no change or toilet facilities at any of the locations.

LOCATION: Riverhead Forest - Robinson Rd carpark, near Coatesville.

DIRECTIONS: Turn left off Coatesville Riverhead Highway just before Coatesville (if coming from Riverhead) on to Sunnyside Rd, then after 1.5km turn left on to Robinson Rd and drive another 1.5km to the end of the road to the carpark - the gate is directly ahead.

Here's a Google maps link to the location: https://goo.gl/maps/3zHRziaCoiK4bTMz7

IMPORTANT: If there has been sustain rain in the 2-3 days leading up to a riding date then I may decide to cancel a specific ride due to the trail composition being clay based. When water logged the trails become to greasy to ride - ensure you check the comments section in the days leading up to the event to see if the ride is going ahead.

If anyone wants to carpool I suggest you mention it in the comments and see who can help out.

Hope to see you out there - let me know by txt to the below number if you are going to be late.


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[MTB] Riverhead Evening Ride Mtb Trails - FORESTRY RD

Forestry Road

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