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Below are the description for the different kinds of event hosted by ACG.

Each type is a unique experience with different types of bike required, levels of skill, time, and scenery. You'll see event announcements begin with the type so you can filter by your interests.

Mountain biking. Off-road, muddy, technical, up- and down-hill.
Requires a mountain bike and maybe protective gear.

On-road, typically longer distance between 30-100km with pace 20-30km/hr. Suitable for road bikes. Requires stamina and fitness.

Low-key, low-intensity, high fun. Any bike will do (unless stated otherwise - so check the event description).

City rides with mixed on-and off-road. Suitable for mountain bikes and urban/commuter/hybrid bikes. May or may not be suitable for road bikes (refer to individual event descriptions for clarification).

Overnight, out of town, longer events requiring planning. Details vary so check the event description.

Upcoming events (5)


Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday Park & Motel


I previously had an "Expressions of Interest" for a week in Nelson and many were interested. Some were asking if it was happening, well it is but this may not have been clear from the listing on MeetUp so I am re-listing it and will cancel the original. So please RSVP to this event if you want to go.

Even if you have already ridden around Nelson there is always more to ride!

We could have a massive, but flexible week of riding iconic trails.
Shuttled by Steve as required. Numbers dependent on vans available.

Just a suggestion, we could do the following:

Canaan Rameka Big Day out
Coppermine loop
Local Shuttles

I suggest staying at the Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday Park as per normal to make shuttle pick up easier.

The Canaan Rameka is a fun downhill native trail from the top of the Takaka Hill and ends near the Takaka township. 20kms in total.

The local Coopermine (Dun Mountain) loop is one of the best rides ever! Its 40kms with around 1000m climbing with a 30 minute downhill that has recently been made smoother so very fast and flowy!

The Wakamarina is a steep intermediate grade 4, 4hr, 20km goldminers backcountry adventure across the Richmond Range from the Wairau Valley to the Wakamarina Valley with around 1000m climbing.

There are so many other places to ride in and around Nelson so anything is possible so open to suggestions. Examples:

Involution (ride to)
Hackett Hut and loop
Te Ara Kia (Technical)
The Taste Trail out to Mapua and Rabbit Island
Kaiteriteri MTB Park (shuttle)

Unfortunately the huts are pretty full on the Old Ghost Road so this one is not possible for a big group this time.

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[MTB] Novice Boot Camp - SUMMER 2021 : Drops & Attitude - Session 6 of 6


ONLY those that were on the RSVP list of Session FIVE Boot Camp ( https://www.meetup.com/Auckland-Cycling-Group/events/277095872/) and attended that session are eligible to attend the remainder of this 6 session course. You CANNOT come onto this course part way through as you will not have learnt the required skills covered in previous sessions.

***** TOTALLY NEW COURSE for SUMMER 2021 *****


This MTB Skills Boot Camp was run every year since 2014. It has proved to be a very popular event with our riders who have benefited greatly from receiving instruction, tips and general training on fundamental MTB skills.

REVIEW TRAINEE COMMENTS: See what trainees have been saying about the course in the comments section for an early run course here - https://www.meetup.com/Auckland-Cycling-Group/events/245458047/

While you will certainly get better by going out on the group rides, & I'm a great supporter of time in the saddle being key to building ability, there are some fundamental skills that our novice riders could & should be learning from the beginning which would supercharge their confidence in leaps and bounds.

BTW - don't confuse the word 'Novice' with the term 'Beginner'. I use the term Novice to describe a skill level not the length of time you have been riding. I know that even if you've been riding for some time now (without any formal training) that these sessions will be an big eye opener in regards to the bad habits you probably have that are limiting your skill advancement.

This is a 6 part "SEQUENTIAL" series so to really benefit from it you need to attend ALL sessions which means you need to be truly motivated, committed and enthusiastic participants. Keep this in mind when RSVP'ing

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will only be inviting those that are RSVP'd for this first session to the future 5 remaining sessions. So you have to be on this RSVP list by the close off (MONDAY 5th OCTOBER) to ensure your spot is secured for future invites.

ALSO This is very much a sequential course so you cannot realistically come on part way through so if you miss one of the sequential sessions you will not be able to do the next one as you won't have learnt the skills required to proceed.

The Boot Camp will be a series of 6 Consecutive Training Sessions which will focus primarily on instructing and building up your fundamental MTB skills to make you a better, faster more confident rider on the forest tracks.

Essentially taking you from an unskilled Novice to a Skilled Novice.

You will need to attend all 6 sessions as they will progress you step by step through a series of fundamental elements (meaning each session is different) & is intended to lift your skill level each time so you are proficient enough to progress to the next set of skills to be covered.

Some sessions may be ridden on proper tracks & be a semi normal ride scenario, but others might not even put you on a track at all, & some may be a repetition of a small section of trail to intensly target the skills required - it all depends on what you will be learning at the time.

The Course runs Saturday Mornings, on staggered dates either 1 or 2 weeks apart to work around holidays and other commitments. You will receive around 24-27 hours of instruction in total.

Session times may vary depending on other commitments and also suitable location requirements for specific training sessions etc. However I always try to maintain a certain level of consistency wherever possible to ensure attendees have the best possible chance of attending all sessions in this sequence (see schedule below).


The 6 Sessions in this Novice Course will cover the following subjects (in the following order):

1] Sat 13th Feb 2021 - Back to Basics @ Auckland Domain (done)
2] Sat 27th Feb 2021 - Skill Drills and Quick Tips @ Auckland Domain (done)
3] Sat 13th Mar 2021 - Safe Braking & Corners @ Totora Park (done)
4] Sat 20th Mar 2021 - Trail Flow, Climbing & Timing @ Woodhill (done)
5] Sat 27th Mar 2021 - Obstacles & Importance of Confidence @ (done)
6] Sat 10th Apr 2021 - Drops/Downhills, Attitude & Pulling it together @ TBC

All sessions are a minimum of 4-4.5 hours in duration and will generally start in the AM (8.00am-12.30pm). With 6 sessions of 4+ hours each means you receive around 27hrs of targeted instruction.
NOTE: venues for this course will change at certain times, the first 2 sessions will be held at the Auckland Domain simply because it is central (so more accessible to all) & offers suitable terrain to provide the training to be covered in those sessions. As we progress we will start going further a field.
Disclaimer: I don't rate myself as a guru or anything so grandiose, I'm simply an enthusiastic & confident intermediate rider, however I'm pretty sure I am experienced enough to impart a certain degree of valuable advice to any beginner who wishes to significantly improve their knowledge and skill base. What you do with that knowledge is up to you.

Riverhead Gravel Ride 40km with Coffee Break in Waitoki

Forestry Road

Meeting is at Forestry Road/Deacon Rd and we will be heading on gravel towards the northern boundary of the forest.
At Bald Hill Road we will be exiting the forest into Dairy Flat towards Waitoki to DD's Country Cafe' for nice stopover.
The way back will be via Blackbridge Road entering the forest at Spinley Road.

Riverhead boasts a network of gravel roads. There will be lots of hills and around 600m of elevation in total. Great downhill rides too. A good opportunity to improve ones fitness.

Spare tube, tools, pump, snacks and water.

This is not a beginners ride! A good level of fitness is required or E-bike.

Mountain and gravel bikes or E-bikes with gravel tires because due to logging operations the roads might be quiet rough in places.

[MTB - Intermediate] Saturday Afternoon Woodhill Ride (25-30kms)

Woodhill Mountain Bike Park

Intermediate MTB ride at Woodhill on Saturday afternoon. Maybe the trails will be less busy? And Beerspot Kumeu afterwards for those who are interested. In the unlikely event that none of the hosts can make it then a ride may be cancelled up to a few days before. SKILL LEVEL This is a blend of Intermediate and maybe some Advanced riding. TRAILS Mix of grade 3 and 4. FITNESS We won’t be treating these as uphill races, the ride is more focused on the ride downhill so your uphill climbing speed is not critical though you must be fit enough to climb judgement call at least 2 times. ACG operates a no drop policy which means we regroup at trail heads and trail ends to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for. We will be out there for a few hours but it will be at a comfortable pace and will regroup for each other at junctions and top of hills. ----------------- MEETING POINT Arrive and meet up at the BBQ tables in front of the main Woodhill MTB Park shop by or prior to 1:25pm so everyone can have time to purchase park passes and get their equipment ready to ride by 1:30pm. Arriving early means you won't be left behind - you can always grab a coffee and responsibly socialise using physical distancing with the other riders while we wait for the 1:30pm start time. Casual pass $15 or you can buy 6 or 10 month passes. *PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING CONTRACT TRACING INFO* All visitors will be required to sign in on arrival to ensure we are contact tracing. Woodhill have QR codes and Txt In options to make it easy and simple. Please stop at the riders gate to show your confirmation. Woodhill have an iPad (and sanitizer) for those without mobile access. ****************************************************************

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The Big Bike Film Night - Devonport

The Vic Devonport

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