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Minimotors DUALTRON ...THUNDER, DUALTRON 3, SPIDER ..ULTRA, DUALTRON 2 & RAPTOR - INOKIM ...OX Hero, OX Super - member discounts sales@bikeme.co.nz ...Henry Tan ...Mob 0224536301

Scoozzi/BikeMe at 6/329 Albany Highway, Auckland - NZ Exclusive/Sole Agent for minimotors Dualtron the No.1 Top Ranking Electric Scooter Builder on the planet have honoured me by agreeing to import & sell me the first 3rd Generation DUALTRON 3 electric scooter to enter this country (2X800Watt motors, 60Volt 28Ah 1658Wh LG battery, 27Ah controllers, ABS disk brakes, fingerprint ID scanner, 10 inch X 70mm tubeless tires, 36kg weight, etc)

l have finally settled on this e-scooter for 5 reasons ...1/ it has the best design "build" 2/ it is small enough to take with me into supermarkets & restaurants 3/ it has a decent sized LG battery 4/ tubeless tires for easy puncture repair 5/ excellent dual front & rear lights ...and it's a truly beautiful electric scooter !!!

Calling all Electric Scooter Owners & Prospective Electric Scooter Owners.
As l write this at Xmas 2018, this is 1 of only 2 e-scooter meetup groups on Earth ...a 3rd Spanish e-scooter touring group appears to have been destroyed, ggrrr
Our format is to encourage, dish-up unbiased advice, provide reliable information to scooterists & facilitate those choosing their first e-scooter.
I will inform you how to maintain your electronic motherboard & lithium ion battery, so maybe they can survive everything you do to them with an extended lifetime ...you also have other options when it's time to replace a battery.

Discussions should always start with a subject &or a question ...so that we can keep track of what's going on.
Important information/facts should be written-up over in the "More" message boards ...where relevant topics will be "pinned"

I cannot stop nosy e-scooter company representatives, authorised agency retailers & salespeople from infiltrating this meetup group & snooping around ...so it would be wise to stick to the cold hard facts when describing "stuff" not in their customers best interests ...and reserve colourful opinions for private conversations.
Suffice to say, e-scooter manufacturers all have their own pecuniary agenda ...some deem it unnecessary to inform you of certain subjects & will ignore your questions about those subjects they are unwilling to discuss ...while other companies are more forthcoming.

Meetups ...district organisers will upload photos ...gold coin contributions ...impromptu get-togethers & scoots are encouraged, so get on with it !!!

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