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“This is a group for anyone interested in learning how to trade shares on international stock exchanges. I will certainly be your mentor and friend along this life changing experience. If you are an experienced trader, please join this Meetup community and contribute to the success of all involved.

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The Bitcoin craze is getting crazier by the minute. I mean bonkers.

Recently, the biggest coin in the crypto universe hit a new all-time high of $68,000. Folks, that's the price of a brand-new Mercedes Convertible... just for one coin.

JPMorgan is targeting a Bitcoin price of $130,000 next year.

Citibank is calling for $300,000.

Even Cathie Wood, the famed chief investment officer at Ark Investment, is saying Bitcoin will skyrocket... all the way to $500,000.

Today, I am opening a new chapter for my Meetup members. I am introducing The Crypto Corner.

I am introducing you to the new world of investing in cryptocurrencies for massive profits over and over again. Just to broaden your investment horizon and keep an eye of this increasingly lucrative opportunity.

Before you spend a single dollar on Bitcoin...there's something even bigger on the horizon.

It's a new development - one that could change the entire crypto market right before our eyes.

Look at some of the historic gains we've seen on these cryptos.

All of these shot up within 30 days in October 2021 alone...

Empire Token - up 5,103%
Bitrise - up 2,657%
Kuma Inu - up 2,406%
Ainu Token - up 1,897%
CryptoMines - up 1,714%
EverETH - up 1,674%
Taboo Token - up 1,628%
NFTBooks - up 1,329%
TimeCoinProtocol - up 1,321%
Tiger King - up 1,123%
SafeMoon - up 972%

These tiny coins are where some of the BIGGEST MONEY is being made right now.

In fact, this new class of cryptos is crushing Bitcoin's returns.

We will continue watching cryptos, just not to miss out.

However, trading shares is still our best bet. Stocks are the best-performing asset of the last 200 years. it is the safest, easiest and most liquid way to build a fortune.

In this decade, there will be the largest transfer of wealth of our lifetime.

Trading shares is the right place to be and enjoy a piece of that fortune.

I have created a world class share trading course enjoyed by our Meetup community.

I have introduced substantially reduced online lockdown fees valid till the end of Level 3.

Happy learning,

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