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Let's meet up for fun Karaoke times!

Seriously, we'll have a blast! I freaking love karakoke and none of my friends get it... lets go out and sing some songs and have fun!


(...and now for the boring bit...!)

Karaoke meetup rules:

1. RSVPs: If you RSVP, please come! People who RSVP and then fail to attend will receive a warning after 1 failure to show up, and will be kicked out of the group after 2 failures to show.

2.If you have RSVPed to attend an event, and for some reason you are unable to, you MUST change your RSVP at least 5 hours prior to the event, or you will be deemed as having failed to show. If there is an urgent reason which prevents you from attending, then please contact the organizer.

Also, if you are on the wait-list but cannot or no longer wish to attend, then please also change your RSVP at least 5 hours prior to the event. We aim to prevent the guest list from changing in the hours leading up to the event, because this causes confusion, especially for those on the wait-list, who may not realise until the last minute that they are able to attend.

3. Meeting up: Prior to the karaoke bar, we will usually meet in a pub at 7 pm. Karaoke will start at 7.30 and end at 9.30 (although if people feel like singing longer, this can definitely be arranged!)

4. Late arrivers: If you arrive 1 hour late (i.e. after 8 pm), we will consider you as having failed to attend.

5. Cost: All members attending the event must pay $12 in cash up front to cover the cost of the karaoke room ($6 per person per hour). Drinks or food can be purchased individually by each member from karaoke bar staff.

6. Group size: will usually be limited to 10 people. Random extras are not permitted as this is too difficult to organize.

7. CRREEEPS! No creeps please! We want this to be a fun place to meet new friends, but any unwanted creepy behaviour will not be tolerated. If any member feels harassed, please contact the organizers! Offenders may be kicked out of the group.

8. Identification: All members should present a photo which clearly identifies their face. Your profile name should also be your your real full name.

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Karaoke Night! At The Base KTV!

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