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Virtuoso Live Jazz Music is difficult to find in Auckland. Especially hard to find is commendable Live Jazz Music that Jazz Aficionados can listen to. Jazz is usually background music in most venues and it is impossible to hear the splendid sound because of noise and chatter. Auckland Live Jazz is dedicated to finding venues that support brilliant Live Jazz that discerning audiences can listen to without the constant clutter of conversations and restaurant racket. We are interested in finding listening clubs. Our motto is "Shut up and Listen". Any connoisseur of Live Jazz Music who wants to hear the Jazz go down should join. The simple reason is Live Jazz performed by professional musicians is an absolute joy.

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Private Jazz Gig: Neil Watson Allstars

Mike's Studio

We are sponsoring the first Private Jazz Gig of 2022.

Creative guitar genius Neil Watson and the Allstars will collaborate to share an evening of originals & not so standard, standards. From twisted tango, carnivalesque romps, disheveled swing, clave rhythms, boogaloo groves, surf-rock & pop-rock.

These exciting group of Musicians will push all your buttons.

Neil Watson - Electric guitar & Pedal steel - Will melt & sizzle your frontal lobes.
Cam Allen - Saxophone - Plays the Sax like an excited buzz saw.
Chip Matthews - Bass - Has played w every hot Band in NZ. His deep Bass Notes will move your internal organs a few inches.
Tom Broom - Drums - A studio musician, after his drum rolls you will feel like you are in free fall.

The cats will be smacking the sound.

Only 30 Tickets available.

Tickets $ 50.00

This gig will SELL OUT.

We have a communal soup between the 2nd & 3rd sets.

Venue: Mike's Studio on Te Atatu Peninsula.

An evening of incrediblly charged sounds the like you have never heard before.

If you are interested please RSVP YES or contact me thru the Meetup Message Centre or comments section on this Meetup Page.

I will give you payment instructions & loction of Mike's Studio.

Music in Parks: Opera

Glover Park

Music in Parks schedule has been shrunk due to budget constraints caused by Covid.

Only one Jazz Group, Hipstamatics, playing at Snells Beach on January 23.

NO concerts at the Auckland Domain.

Great Music will be hard to find in Music in Parks.

Every year I & a few friends go to Opera in the Park. It is an absolutley stunning sound. If you have never experience Opera this could be a good chance to check it out.

Admission is FREE.

Great spot for a picnic w friends. Pop a cork, clink some glass and enjoy incredible music in the bright outdoors.

• What to bring

Water, sun hat, sun screen, blanket / low chair, picnic food, drink.

This Event is VERY crowded. It will be impossible to Meetup as a group. Just find a spot, sit back, relax and enjoy the sound.

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