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According to some recent health research overseas and here in NZ around aging and living longer nowadays.....The biggest threat facing middle aged men is isolation and loneliness. ... As we grow older, many of us have let our friendships lapse and our health and general well being declinas...many think no one cares anymore..Or has the motivation to try something different..especially as a man..it often feels like I'm walking around with a paper bag over my head..being ignorant of what's going on deep inside of me..wishing there was somewhere to find, just what we need to live longer, healthier lives.

I certainly relate to this ...Do you ?

However - there's still time to do something about it ...and that's why I'm starting this Auckland Mens Only ...Healthy Lfestyle & Support Group for any man aged 40 and over...

The main activity will be anything to do with the outdoors, like hiking, urban walks..kayaking, caving, photography, and camping together sometimes , weekends away , road trips to a iconic location.

..But also events focusing on getting to know each other at a deeper, more authentic level..stepping beyond the traditional boundaries most men find uncomfortable..however in our group, we will make it a trusting and supportive experience if you are willing to take some baby steps to get out of your comfort zone , stop pretending everything is Fine.. keeping everything inside....Yet with this group..you can do something different...if you're wanting some new great mates..

Other things will include meeting up at another members house or workplace, or an eatery during the week...or a Saturday night...to discuss various things that we can do to have a healthier life and what that means for you..And a phone in opportunity to catch up regularly if you want during the week...just a few things I would like this group to help another man with.

Personally , now that I'm in my 50's, I have found myself going through a sort of a late mid life crisis,...and after two marriages and numerous other people coming and going in my life, the passing of my parents, career changes to being self employed..and some medical challenges in my youth...and now living alone for many years. ..and walking most weekends with my other group Feet First,..I still often feel alone at home...cut off from many other men who have key support from their wives or grown children...or other things they have created to prevent feeling they on their own.

I miss having some great mates to speak with on the phone, or meet up for a quick chat or walk , or similar activities..

That's why I think Meet Up groups are the key solution for everyone ...men and women...feeling isolated in the community, or looking for alternatives than just staying at home ...particularly after work finishes or in the weekends when we have a lot of time to be alone, if we don't know what else to do..Or where to ask about healthy lifestyle choices...

This Meet Up Group is specifically for Men 40 years and older wanting something different...Yes its primarily because of my passion for getting out in nature most weekends hiking however its also about doing something more authentic and meaningful in my spare time. And I think being honest about everything with another supportive man is the key to great health and happiness..

So this group...may be the answer to assist you with your mid life crisis or feeling lonely or unsupported around others outside of your work or other social aspects you have with women or not..

So...I read .." just because you can't see the path right now, doesn't mean it's not there.."

So if you're keen as a man 40 plus. Building trust and connection with other men.....with events that you like to look forward to mixing together with other men in the weekends or some week days..or talking about your day on the phone with another man if you're feeling isolated or just want someone to listen..this Men's Only Group could be for you..

Join us for a Healthy Lifestyle Group Men only Event soon..

More details coming up as soon as members join now that summer is on its way..

And remember, it's not what we have, but what we enjoy that brings happiness.

Kia Kaha.. Namaste.

Kind regards Stephen F.

P.S. We welcome all men, 40 and over..however this group is not a replacement for anyone going through a medical or mental health crisis..I'm not trained in any form of lifestyle counseling or coaching. I'm a self employed cleaning contractor , who mostly just cares about people.. and has tried various alternatives to beat visits to a GP...Joining this group means you understand the occasional risk, any outdoor activity has like hiking..or other things we may do.., and it's up to you to read all the details of each event, to be properly informed and prepared for the days activity. Your understanding of this is your agreement to be part of this process of accepting risk is something we all must take responsibility for.

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