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Tour De (Hunua) Ranges
START: Arrive at McDonald's Greenlane between 12:30 and 12:50pm at the latest for briefing. 1pm prompt rollout. EAST AUCKLAND FOLKS: ROUTE This a loop around from Clevedon, Hanua, Kaiaua, Kawakawa Bay and back through Clevedon. Stops, PaknSave Ormiston, Clevedon Z, Kaiaua (FIshnChips), Clevedon Please see the map BRING Ice Cream, coffee money and a smile. HOW: The pace will be up to the speed limit (a little over where it makes sense), else appropriate for road and traffic conditions. #NODROP ride. WHO: All welcome with a positive attitude (new or experienced). LAMS Riders welcome. Learners please read the group "What we're about" section. MORE INFO: Pending numbers coming would determine the formalities. Dry day is preferable to be enjoyable. I will send a CANCELLATION by 12pm. Reach out if you have any questions or comments. Regards and Sincerely, David

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McDonald's Greenlane

Cnr Great South Road & Green lane West Greenlane · Auckland


What we're about

Friendly welcoming group. New to experienced riders regardless of race, faith, sex, profession, sexual preference, political leanings, age etc. A good mix makes for interesting coffee chats. It is OK to be shy or the quiet one.

We are responsible road users who consider the comfort and safety of others. This doesn't mean we don't like to go a little quicker when appropriate.

LEARNERS ARE WELCOME. The preference is that you have completed the RideForever Bronze course and/or can safely travel at the posted speed limits where conditions permit in a group. They key is to reach out to the ride organiser in advance so we can plan and buddy up where required.


The intent of Sub190 is to cater for shorter rides more frequently.

1. Establish a regular Saturday, 1pm, Sub190 for those busy with other Saturday morning activities and will get you home well before dinner.

2. Provide for local Adhoc Random rides or weekday night ride.

If significant enough growth occurs a leadership will be established to ensure Saturday Sub190 consistency and routing planning. There should be at least one stop for coffee, ice cream or both. Routes can be urban, city waterfront cruise or country side.


McDonald's Greenlane for now. Be there a little earlier ready for a 1pm rollout.

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