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A group for users of the open source OpenShift Platform as a Service (PaaS). We will meet to discuss OpenShift and the many ways it can be used to develop awesome apps using all kinds of languages and technologies. We will hack on web apps on the platform together, as well as the platform itself (the OpenShift Origin project).

We have chapters across Australia and New Zealand. Check http://bit.do/anz-openshift-meetups for a consolidated schedule.

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Red Hat OpenShift + Google Cloud: Hybrid Cloud Solution - What you need to know

Across industries, digital technology is changing the way organizations operate. Businesses face more competition from both expected and unexpected sources. Customer demand for new offerings and services is growing. Product development and launch timing is more critical than ever before.As a result, many organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of modern, digital business. They are deploying flexible cloud technologies and innovative develop-ment techniques to improve operations, accelerate time to market for new products, and become more agile. They are also building systems to comply with changing regulations around data protec-tion and privacy and to derive more value from their data. In fact, 62% of chief information officers (CIOs) cite improving business processes as their top operational priority In this 5th instalment of OpenShift Virtual Meetup series, we are lucky enough to get our local boy James Duncan to talk about why google cloud + OpenShift is THE platform for your hybrid Cloud approach. James is going to discuss OpenShift Architecture in Google Cloud and will talk to us how OpenShift on Google Cloud enables you to deploy stateful and stateless apps with nearly any language, framework, database, or service. Because OpenShift natively integrates Google technology such as GKE, your apps are built and deployed on the same infrastructure and orchestrations as apps, such as YouTube, Google Drive, and more. OpenShift supports a broad array of Google Cloud services. In Addition, Mike Calizo is going to talk about OpenShift Serverless in the second lightning talk series of this event. Agenda: 1. Introduction + Housekeeping 2. Red Hat OpenShift + Google Cloud: Hybrid Cloud Solution - What you need to know - James Duncan - Google Cloud + OCP Architecture - Google Cloud Tooling - Use Case - Demo 3. Lightning Talk: OpenShift Serverless - Why, When, How? - Mike C

OpenShift Migration: OCP 3.9 to 4.5 - Lessons from the Trenches

Education Payroll with the help of Deloitte has successfully migrated from OCP 3.9 to OCP 4.5 recently. In this meetup Everett Toews (Deloitte) and his team will share their experiences and the lessons learned on this migration. About Deloitte and Education Payroll Limited Education Payroll Limited (EPL) is responsible for paying around 96,000 teachers and support staff in about 2,500 schools every two weeks. Over the years Deloitte Digital and EPL have developed a strong relationship rooted in helping EPL and its stakeholders repeatedly achieve their goals. Driven by the desire to be responsive to its customers, EPL had a vision to streamline development, test, deploy, and speed to market using a new cloud platform. They identified Red Hat OpenShift as the technology of choice for the platform and engaged the Deloitte Digital team to build this new capability. https://www.deloittedigital.co.nz/our-work/education-payroll-ltd/ About Everett Toews Everett's focus is creating platforms that improve the developer experience of building Cloud Native applications through a combination of dev, ops, docs, integration, testing, and CI/CD. He's interested in composing platforms from complementary technologies including code, containers, and cloud. All of this work culminates in one purpose, releasing software to users more securely, safely, and frequently. He likes to teach what he learns along the way.

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Hybrid Serverless Development Using Quarkus

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