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This group is a meeting place to expand your own spiritual development and to build a beautiful supportive local community of like minded people 😍

💛 This is a space for you to reclaim your freedom, joy and inner peace through learning to apply spiritual practices in your everyday life. 💛

We welcome you to to join us for an evening of sharing and transformation as we come together as a community of Aware Beings, to expand our connection to Source and the wisdom of our Soul.

We usually open the group with a Frequency Meditation and then move onto sharing and discussion around a topic chosen.

There is time for people to share their experiences as they work with the information and processes DZAR gives us to connect more deeply to that larger, energetic part of us beyond our physical body and our identity.

These gatherings are interactive, light, joyful, transformative and deeply moving all at the same time 💜

This Circle is for you if you have been on a spiritual journey and want to go even deeper with your knowing of your True Self.

So come along with an open heart and mind and we are looking forward to getting to know you and sharing this wonderfully transformational information.

The teachings shared during these circles come from Mary & Gary O’Brien. They show people all around the world how to work with energy to integrate spiritual knowing and wisdom into everyday life using their unique model of understanding called The Bridge of Collaboration.

Their simple yet profound energy-based approach enables you to embody your Knowing of who you truly are and to live joyfully as that extraordinary Light and Beauty.

The information and processes they share comes direct from Source via the channelled energy they collaborate with called DZAR and also with the Earth. For the last 10 years, Mary & Gary have shared these teachings to their global community in live and online events centred around direct channeling from DZAR.

For more info, please visit: https://www.saffronheart.world/saffron-heart-package

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Strengthen Your Connection & Communication with the Earth (Teo Ma Pua)

Join us for a beautiful gathering to strengthen your connection with the Earth (Teo Ma Pua) 🌏 We will begin with a meditation, followed by open conversation, an Earth Chant and a technique to connect more strongly with your Light 💛 We will be gathering at 68 Anzac Ave, CBD. Level 2B ♥️ Cost: $10 NZD at the door.

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Releasing fear and living as your Light

69 Beach Rd


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