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Hello Tiny House enthusiasts!

If you are interested in the Tiny House Movement, tiny house designing &; building, minimalism, living off grid, or just a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle this group is for you. This group is to help connect like minded people who are just starting out (like me) who want to connect with designers, builders and anyone with an interest or passion for tiny houses and want to make tiny living a reality.

Members can volunteer their time to help each other design and construct tiny houses, gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience in the process. OR if you've 'been there, done that' please join us! Looking forward to those with common interest here. I know you're out there. :)

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Make a Tiny House Scale Model
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Tangle Ball

(Date and time to come)

Building a scale model is a fun way to work out how you are going to use your space. Because the house is so small, and if you intend to build on a trailer you must work within the restrictions of that. If you want a big bathroom it might mean a tiny kitchen or living room.

At this workshop we can make all the components of the house and then as you are planning you can shuffle them around and try out different ways the space can be used and figure out what will work and what won't work for you."

What you will need to bring:

• Stanley/craft knife (I will can a couple of spares too)

• 2-3 sheets of 5mm foamboard. You can buy this from Warehouse Stationary.

• Ruler

• A tape measure

• Calculator

• A glue gun if you have one.

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Tiny Social

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