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Auckland Xamarin Meetup
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Level 5, 22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue · Auckland

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MPC Room, Level 5 22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

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The Auckland Xamarin Meetup is back!

Over the last few years, the Auckland Xamarin Meetup was run by Josh, Jim, Mohit and Jason who all worked hard to bring great events to the group. Unfortunately, since they have all moved on to new things, some momentum had been lost. The time has come, therefore, for a new group of organisers to assume the mantel.

Now with the full support of Fraedom (part of Visa) and Microsoft, we are pleased to say the Auckland Xamarin Meetup community can look forward to a new era of regular meetings and great content.

To get things started and to welcome you all back, Fraedom will present on using the Redux pattern within Xamarin (Forms and native) applications. This talk will suit developers of all experience levels, as it will cover creating and running Xamarin Forms applications, then show the basics of MVVM before moving onto how to use Redux to help deal with some of the problems that come from complex state management in MVVM apps.

Redux is a state management pattern (used across many languages and platforms) that focuses on modelling an app as a single store of readonly truth that is only allowed to change in controlled and predictable ways.

Redux is in fact so simple and lightweight that it can be used without the need of any framework or library. This talk will show this approach in action, and in the process attempt to demonstrate the benefits this can bring.

In addition, we will also briefly go over some exciting tooling enhancements (Hot Reload, Profiled AOT and AndroidX) that have been announcement recently by Xamarin.

This will be followed by a second event in October where we will host Microsoft MVP & MFractor author Matthew Robbins.

***** NOTE *****
Please RSVP at least a day before the event, as the Microsoft venue requires an accurate visitor list for this event.

Please arrive around 5.45 so that we can start at 6.00.

Food will be provided.