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What we’re about

***Membership is currently only considered from those already active within the Auckland Meetup or vegetarian/vegan communities prior to 2020 - Please do not submit requests if you have banned me, blocked me, or abused me***

Updated 30 June 2023: As NZ is officially in recession most dining events are now held at fully vegetarian/vegan establishments

Updated 6 April 2023: New membership and events held continue to uphold group values during the current cost of living crisis and Covid

Updated 22 February 2023: Due to the extended national state of emergency in Auckland and other parts of the country, dining events are again on hold.

Updated 17 October 2022: Dining events are temporarily back up before the next wave of new (sub) variants

Updated 3 June 2022: As Omicron case numbers are currently not low enough in Auckland for dining events to be safely held, these are still on hold.

Updated 28 November 2021: After the previous Organiser stepped down in early August, no one was interested in taking up the group so I decided to continue their efforts. Following the announcement sent to members on 13 Aug, only a small number had visited the page within the specified timeframe to indicate they would like to remain in the group. Accordingly, most have now been removed. A few people were also removed to further safeguard the integrity of the vegetarian and vegan communities. With today's news of the new variant of concern being detected in Australia, please pay close attention to the government's updates on the new Covid Protection Framework, and keep up with hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing to protect yourself and others around you.

Updated 26 August 2021: Events to resume after Covid restrictions lift


Kia Ora

This group is to gather together like-minded vegetarian (vegan) food lovers. It is primarily for those on a strictly vegetarian (vegan) diet, and also for those on a journey towards a more plant powered vegan lifestyle, to spend an enjoyable evening, or weekend brunch/lunch, chatting about a variety of topics whilst tucking into good food and making new friends. We will sample a variety of restaurants and cafes around Auckland to cater for as many tastes and budgets as possible, including fully vegetarian/vegan, and those offering a good selection of vegetarian (vegan) food and other healthy options. In addition to dining events there are other vegetarian (vegan) food related gatherings such as picnics, potlucks, takeaways. We also have outdoor events to connect with nature, as well as cultural activities. The group aims to support businesses and initiatives that are ethical and moral, especially during the current recession and cost of living crisis.

A profile photo showing your face is required for this group. Please only RSVP to events that you can actually commit to attending. Always upload your profile photo when you RSVP to events, and update your RSVP to 'No' giving as much notice as possible if you later decide not to attend or are unable to make it. Late drop-outs and no-shows without genuine and valid reasons, especially where bookings are made, may result in removal from group. People who have a habit of no-shows must not join this group. Those who are not strictly on a vegetarian/vegan diet please join other groups for checking out restaurants. No guests without prior approval. Guests must order only vegetarian/vegan items from menus. Accurate attendance records are also kept.

Please be respectful of other members' boundaries and opinions, and refrain from debating over sensitive issues such as religion, politics, veganism, Covid and vaccines at events. People with inappropriate and abusive behaviours, including harassment, intimidation, discrimination, coercive control, and psychological and emotional abuse, are removed from group. Membership clean-ups are carried out to keep the group free of abusers, trolls, predators, toxic/manipulative/malicious people, as well as to identify inactive members. This is not a dating group. Please go elsewhere if you use Meetup for the purpose of looking for potential dates.

We want quality in our membership. This is a place for genuine, authentic and open-minded people with high values and standards. Those who live in truth are better able to detect the falsity when others are being untrue. When we know who we are and as we learn to trust ourselves the most, it becomes easier to discern between fact and fiction, right and wrong, good and evil.

Know Yourself

Membership Clean-up:
Please leave the group if you have ever been abusive to me on and/or off Meetup. Please regularly visit this page if you do not wish to be considered an inactive member.

People who subscribe to the abusers' narratives and never fact check with the victim, are essentially revealing themselves as lacking critical thinking skills. Those who actively join in the abuse do so because they are either naive, or, more likely, abusive in nature themselves (abusers lack originality and will abuse the victim once they see other abusers are already doing it), as in the case of an alliance of at least 20 organisers, including 10 who have removed and banned me from their groups in order to cover up their abusive wrongdoings. See this video to learn more:
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