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What we’re about

This group is to help connect people using Linux in Auckland. It is a supportive and helpful group with over 200 members on the mailing list and holds technical presentations once per month (except January).

Presentations range from detailed technical content aimed at seasoned sysadmins to simple content for home users on interesting topics. The group is a good place to meet people, bounce difficult questions of the mailing list and call for help when you get stuck. It is also a great place to share something you have found, or learn about an interesting new technology at one of the presentations or tutorials. The

Auckland Linux Users Group was formed in June 2005 as a spinoff of the long-standing New Zealand Linux Users Group. Meetings will now fall on the first weeknight of every month (making the meeting more accessible to folks for whom Mondays were a problem). Details of the next meeting will be posted to AuckLUG and on