What we're about

The Augusta Adventure and Activites Group is Augusta's premier social activities group.

We are interested in anything and everything and try to arrange a wide variety of activities. There's something here for everyone.

Our members come from every background imaginable and are some of the nicest, most friendly people you will find in the CSRA. We love to meet new people and welcome them into our group of friends.

Our group will only thrive and grow with participation, so we are always open to your thoughts and ideas. If you have an idea for an activity, just contact one of the organizers and we will work with you to make it happen. Once you have attended a few Meetups, we would be more than happy to help you host an event. Our group is as active and successful as it is because of its members. We're always looking for people to join our team of organizers. If you decide that you want to be an organizer, just let one of us know.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


The AAAG Organizers

Upcoming events (4+)

Grave's Mountain Rock Swap and dig!

Needs a location

This place is beautiful even if you don't want to dig. There will be vendors and transportation available to the mountain usually golf cart drivers for tips

Candlelight Music at the Augusta Common

Needs a location

Augusta, Georgia hosts the Candlelight Music Series at the Augusta Commons with live music from all different genres. Admission is $10.00 (cash only, children 12 and under are free). Bring a chair, and whatever you want to eat or drink. On May 22nd, Javonne Jones will perform.

Eastwind Open Tour, A living Village

Needs a location

Eastwind is bringing you a medieval experience.
Stage performances, story tellers, singers, dance, art, food and many crafts.
A one day shot to look into the old world.
$10 Adults
$5 children 14 and younger

Live steal weapons and archery
from Palmetto Knights.


Memorial Day Lake Therapy

Needs a location

Join me at the lake for a leisurely afternoon swim at Lake Springs. If enough people are interested, we can head over to the South Carolina side of the dam to watch the sun go down over the lake. Nothing fancy, just grab a comfy chair, blanket or hammock and come out and spend a relaxing afternoon/evening with friends.

I am not crazy about being at the lake when the sun is crazy hot, so I will be arriving late. If someone else wants to arrive earlier and nab us a spot, I’m totally OK with that. If there are no spots available, we will just sit in our chairs in the shade and grab a spot as folks start to leave.

Bring something to eat and your beverage of choice. You can bring something to share with the group, or just something for yourself ... either is fine. Covid is still a thing. Do what is most comfortable for you. If you are planning to drink alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly.

Admission to the park is $5. They do NOT accept cash. Bring either a debit or credit card to pay with at the entrance. There is a payment machine next to the little building. If you aren’t looking for it, you can drive right by it. When you pay, you are issued a pass to put on your vehicle for the day.

When you enter Lake Springs, Deer Run is immediately to the right. Turn right BEFORE the gate. Follow the signs to the Deer Run picnic/beach area.(this will be the second road on your left). Veer to the right at the Y in the road. You will pass some parking areas and see a bathroom(wooden building) on your right. We will be at one of the picnic areas near the beach area by the bathroom. You may not have cell phone service out here. Take a screenshot of the directions for just in case.

I will put my big blue and white blanket down in the grass near our picnic area. I tend to head right to the water and may not be available by phone. My chair will have a yellow bandana tied to it. I will tie some to other chairs as well to make it easier to find us.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

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Thunder Over Evans

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