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The Augusta Adventure and Activites Group is Augusta's premier social activities group.

We are interested in anything and everything and try to arrange a wide variety of activities. There's something here for everyone.

Our members come from every background imaginable and are some of the nicest, most friendly people you will find in the CSRA. We love to meet new people and welcome them into our group of friends.

Our group will only thrive and grow with participation, so we are always open to your thoughts and ideas. If you have an idea for an activity, just contact one of the organizers and we will work with you to make it happen. Once you have attended a few Meetups, we would be more than happy to help you host an event. Our group is as active and successful as it is because of its members. We're always looking for people to join our team of organizers. If you decide that you want to be an organizer, just let one of us know.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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Aye Matey Fall Camping Trip

Elijah Clark State Park

We are renting the Pioneer Campground site at this campground. It is walking distance to bathroom and showers (similar distance to that of Pointes West) The cost to camp is $10 per adult (not tent). See Tammie B. to pay your amount. If not camping but just coming for the day times, you will be asked to donate $5. The amount over will go towards the amount the club pays for having a meetup account. These amounts do not include the car pass you get at the entrance which is $5. The campground also offers cottage rentals and rv rentals. If you would rather do that than camp in a tent, you will need to make the reservation. Also you will need to park in the overflow parking when you come to the main site where we are at. The area has parking for 12 vehicles. If the area is maxed. You will need to unload and then park in the overflow area which I can direct you to once there. If possible, you might want to carpool. In our area there is a covered shelter that does have a couple of electrical outlets. The camping area is a 100 ft walk in. There are some hilly areas but it is a large place. There are other activities at Elijah Park not too far from where we are at. Putt Putt. I don’t know if you can bring your own equipment yet or if you have to rent equipment there. There’s a 3 mile hiking trail. There are playgrounds. There is an archery area but I’m not sure if you have to reserve it or what the rules are. Firewood is needed. We are planning on some fun activities such as music around the bonfire (we welcome our guitar players to entertain us like always), games, team building activities, relay races, etc. More details posted as I plan. Well behaved dogs are always welcome. Check the website for size of dog and leash rules. Might still be warm enough for swimming. You are welcome to bring any boats or watercraft for the weekend. There are boat docks near there. Saturday: Triple A Olympics: Team building and different types of races. Will divide participants into teams. Nothing too difficult or too taxing I promise. Mainly minute it to win it type games. Will follow up with folks to see who wants to help vs who is on a team. Please let me know if you want to participate. Like the Winter Olympics, I will have made trophies up for the winning team and have gold medals as well. If you want to be on a team or a helper please let me know but really need team members to participate. I am coming up with some new relays to include for the games. We had a blast last time so hopefully you guys will enjoy the activities this time as well. These activities are always optional but those who participated seem to have fun. There will be some lawn games like cornhole. If you have something you want to bring, please let me know. There will be a tent decorating contest (pirate themed), scavenger hunt...other things still working on. Will have prizes. Laura Wilson, our winner for the Hawaiian themed contest, has graciously agreed to be one of the judges. The event organizers for this event and judges can still decorate their tent area but they will not be eligible to win. *****We will have potluck on Saturday.***** I am not listing this as a separate event because the space is a maximum of 50. Alcohol use will need to be discreet. Don't forget that at this event we need to follow the guidelines of the meetup. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4iylpcnacltaen4/AAAG Behavior Guidelines.rtf?dl=0 Hannah and I talked about it. The game night (board and card) will be Friday night of the camping trip. If you don’t plan on camping, the gates close at 10pm. Watch notes on this event for updates.

Sunday Night Bowling! New Location!

Bowlero Augusta

Bowling at Stars and Strikes got MUCH more expensive, and we leaders didn't want to wait until 9 PM on Sunday for the price to go down. Luckily the price at our old stomping grounds, BOWLERO are much cheaper (about $3/game). SO WE ARE SWITCHING BACK TO BOWLERO Please note that the time has changed back to 6 PM. Be there as close to that time as possible, as crowds build quickly. I checked and it is MUCH more expensive to do reservations (and it requires we pay in advance), so we'll have to risk having to wait for lanes. And again, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE show up on time and notify us for delays (just put comments in the Meetup site/app for the event) and un-RSVP if you cannot come. No-shows really mess us up when reserving lanes.

Tuesday Night Weekly Indoor Volleyball

Garrett Gymnasium


Volleyball! This is where you bounce a ball back and forth over a net, and hope the opposing team isn't as good at it as you are. Please bring water (if you don't like drinking out of a fountain), a hand towel, a volleyball if you have one (just in case), and $2 to cover the cost of renting the gym for the evening.

October & September Birthdays and Newcomer Welcome

Savannah River Brewing Co.

Come out to celebrate our September and October birthdays and our newcomers to the group. This will be potluck. All alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages must be purchased at the brewery. I will bring cupcakes as usual. You don’t have to be having a birthday or new to come out.

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