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From chilling in one of the Lothians many bars to dinners walks and going to the museum and being one of the most active groups in Edinburgh, This is Edinburgh Meetup Group has something for everyone.

Please note that from February 2019, members are requested to pay £2 (as a token membership fee) to the Event organiser when they attend their first meetup of the year, or when they newly join TIE.

As always, there are some rules to follow. This way its only fair for everyone.

• All members must have a clear up to date recognisable face picture on their profile - this means you must be looking at the camera so that we know who to look for at meetups. This is also a condition of membership to the group.

• On your first event, please pay your organiser the £2 subscription, who will update your account. (This will become active as part of 2020 subscriptions, and at present not enforced, we will advise when we start to collect 2020 subs.) You can only pay your annual subs on an event.

• Please keep your RSVP up to date, and change it as soon as possible if you are not going to make it. We recommend giving at least 24 hours notice.

• Please watch out for emails from your organisers/event hosts for events you have RSVPED to as plans may change or there may be vital information contained within them.

• Don't be a No Show. three no shows = removal from the group

• Sleeping Members - if you have not joined any events in the past year, you will be removed from the group. If you have not paid your subscription and non-active, your membership will be removed, unless you tell us, why for example, illness, or busy at work, we will put a note on your account. Should we remove your membership, you will be invited to rejoin to become an active member.

Inappropriate Behaviour. We all want everyone to be nice and friendly and to have fun. However, if any event organiser feels aggrieved with another Meetup Member's inappropriate behaviour - whether directed to the organiser, another meetup member or a member of the public while in the company of the Meetup Group event, the event organiser can ask the Host to evict the member from the group. What is deemed as unacceptable behaviour includes - but is not limited to - physical assault, verbal assault, harrassment, rude behaviour. We appreciate that sometimes people may have different viewpoints - but agree to disagree and do not take it to the level where someone feels uncomfortable being around another person.

• If you would like to be a organiser or an event host or even just have any other suggestions for an event, please don't be shy - we don't bite! After all, this group is about YOU, our lovely members.

• Join us on facebook, if you want https://www.facebook.com/groups/thisisedinburgh

• Lastly, please remember our organisers are always here to help!

• Please note that we are not a professional group - just a bunch of folk that like to get together for walks, drinks, meals, concerts, and to have fun.

Best regards,


Upcoming events (4+)

A Play A Pie & A Pint @The Traverse - Celestial Body

Traverse Theatre

The excellent A Play A Pie & A Pint series from Glasgow's Oran Mor returns to the Traverse Theatre for the Autumn run.

The first play, Celestial Body, is a, dark comedy about forgiveness & revenge.

The characters all share a past but one of them doesn't know it yet.

Please purchase your own ticket. Priced £16, from Traverse website. Includes your pie (or quiche) & pint (or soft drink/glass of wine).

In addition you have to state if your having your pie & pint before or after the play. Either 12 noon or 2pm. I've booked for before the play.

It's terrific to have live theatre back. Hope to see you there!

Doors Open Day. Free!!! GLADSTONE'S LAND

Gladstone's Land

As part of annual free events for Open Doors festival during September, I thought I'd go to a place that you normally have to pay to go to. I've not been before and I love history. I'm excited. Come and join me!

I don't suppose it will take more than 30-40 minutes and then there's the ice cream shop to visit afterwards.

I am busy in the morning so have booked the 2pm slot.

It may be free but you still need to book!

Please be aware that you will need to wear a mask unless medically exempt.

"Doors Open Day Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite" https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/doors-open-day-tickets-170281154517?aff=ebdsoporgprofile

Visit one of the oldest buildings on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

Gladstone’s Land is a traditional 16th-century tenement building. It has been a commercial and social hub for more than 500 years and has witnessed momentous social and political change as well as war, fire and disease. A visit to Gladstone’s Land provides a glimpse into the lives and businesses of some of its former residents including the sights, sounds and smells that they would have experienced.

Gladstone’s Land takes its name from Thomas Gladstone who purchased the tenement in 1617 with the intention of renting out the apartments. To attract the wealthiest tenants, he extended the building to the front, adding three intricate and fashionable painted wooden ceilings in the new rooms he created. These ceilings were later concealed beneath plaster and remained hidden until the 1930s, when the National Trust for Scotland bought the property and rediscovered them during renovations. All three are now on display in the house.

Gladstone’s Land was occupied by upper- and middle-class owners and tenants until the end of the 18th century, when the wealthy moved to the recently built New Town. This marked the start of a period of decline for the property, and the Old Town as a whole. By the early 20th century, the property had become so run down that it was labelled as ‘unfit for human habitation’ and scheduled for demolition before being rescued by the Trust.

During your visit you can learn about the lives and professions of residents at the property over 300 years, from 1632 to 1911, including the sights, sounds and smells that they would have experienced.

Chopin & Champagne by candlelight £15-32

St. Cecilia's Hall, The University of Edinburgh

UPDATE! If you have already bought your ticket, you have probably received an email to clarify that the time and venue have changed.

There are now 2 performances.

One at 6 to 7.30 with reception at 5.30.

Second isn8 to 9.30 with reception at 7.30pm.

I assume it is because it is a smaller venue and they can't fit everyone in.

Please let me know which one you're on. I have received confirmation I've been moved to 6pm but ticket still shows 8om. Fingers crossed!!!

Venue in cowgate.

* * *
There are three options for tickets depending on how close you want to sit. zoned ABC. I opted for the middle one of £25. Other options are £15 and £32.

"Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight | Four Ballades at St Mary's Cathedral event tickets from TicketSource" https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/23-palmerston-place/st-marys-cathedral/chopin-champagne-by-candlelight-december-sonata-no-2/e-qkjyyr

Celebrate the weekend with performance of Chopin, complete with a complimentary champagne reception!

Concert pianist, Warren Mailley-Smith recently became the first British pianist to perform the complete works of Chopin in one series of concerts, from memory. In 2021 he is taking these masterful works in a series of concerts across the UK, including Edinburgh. Join Warren as he brings Chopin's greatest piano masterpieces to St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. - "Stunning" Classic FM
programme to include
Chopin - Impromptu no. 1
Chopin - Raindrop Prelude
Chopin - Nocturne in B flat minor
Chopin - Souvenir de paganini
Chopin - Minute Waltz
Chopin - Ballade no. 1
Chopin - Ballade No. 2
Chopin - Ballade no. 3
Chopin - Ballade no. 4

Exploring Music with Graeme Walker Live at last!

Edinburgh Society of Musicians

We are back Live for the first time since early March 2020.
Numbers are limited so please, please ONLY sign up if you are DEFINITELY coming.
I had 35 signed up for the last EM...18 turned up!!
Note this is an afternoon event .Arriving and social chat from 1.30 to 2pm Tea coffee etc available.
Please try to be at the venue and seated for when it starts promptly at 2pm.
It really is a pain when folk come rumbling in at 2.15 or later, right in the middle of a piece of music.
I will send details of Covid arrangements later. We will definitely be operating a one way system into and out of the bar/kitchen.
There will be food and drink available at the interval.
I've had two offers of bringing food. More offers would be appreciated.
There is a £10 charge.
I shouldn't need to justify this but just be aware that I put body and soul, as well as about £300 of my own money to pay the Zoom subscription into 29 evenings of Exploring Music ...AND of course I have to hire the venue as well.

The previous ones have been well attended and I have had very positive feedback.
We will explore a particular topic or composer in the first half.
The second half will be given over to the performers, who will individually introduce their piece or pieces.
On average there are about five guests, playing in a range of styles from classical to jazz to pop.

Afterwards I will send links to the music and videos featured.

The day before I will send an e mail via the Meetup website with the invitation to join the meeting and this will include a link and the meeting ID and password. You will have to either click on the link or copy the link to your browser.

Those of you who have opted out of meetup e mails, will have to pm me to get the signing in details#####

Any problems with Zoom , comment in the spaces below or email me at [masked]

''I have found the Exploring Music Meetups absolutely fantastic; I find myself looking forward to these events. I enjoy both how informative and creative they are. I really appreciate the live performances, they are a gift, especially at this time. Thanks Graeme and friends.''

''I really enjoyed the experience! Perhaps links to some of the performances could be shared so we could listen to them again. The live performances were wonderful. You worked hard Graeme to create an interesting and varied programme. Thank you for that!!''( Laurie Ann)

"Looking forward to the next year of Exploring Music! Such an eclectic mix of music, audio, video and live music makes this a unique meet up for everyone who loves music and enjoys a lazy Sunday afternoon discovering new musical gems and gaining insights into the world of composers and performers Extremely convivial. Thank you Graeme" (Nicky)

"Graeme, Many thanks for another enjoyable Sunday meeting. From Sibelius to The Sound of Music to Miles Davis to Dina Shore to Chopin, it was all excellent.I am enjoying these Exploring Music afternoons, learning a lot about the composers and the contrasts in performances as well as meeting a very sociable group of people." (Patricia)

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Concert for Amnesty at 60 - music and poetry

St Columba's by the Castle Scottish Episcopal Church

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