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This group is an outreach for those within the communities that we visit to realize Aura Photography is coming to town and you are sincerely invited to join us.

Aura Photo.us has been traveling around the country visiting shops salons and spas giving people the opportunity to see and experience their energetic signature in living color.

I will post the travel schedules inviting all along our path to come out and join us.

Oue Aura Photo system is a bio feedback scanner process that calibrates your individual vibrational frequencies which are then translated into color.

The Chakras are created in size shape and color , which is the energetic power grid of our personal vibrational reality. The chakras each have a specific placement, connected to specific nerve centers, hormonal centers and vibrate at a specific light wave frequency

Our Aura and our Chakra power grid are not the same "thing" but they are sisters, they are brothers.

The Chakras are your personal power grid, Your Aura is your personal reality, your personality.

Join one of the available Aura Photo experience opportunities in a city near you...

For more information feel free to contact us at

443 292 4279



see you soon

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