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For those who want to do DIY electronics - Arduino, PCB schematics and layout, making soldering kits, etc.

The goal is to give and share tools, techniques, and knowledge about programming embedded systems, like Arduinos. Parents with interested kids are encouraged to bring them.

Specific workshops on PCB and schematic layout using Kicad (a free open-source PCB schematic and PCB layout tool). We can pool the projects together and get the PCBs cut. We can then and order the parts and soldering them together. We can get 10 PCBs 100mmx100mm of a design for $5. We can submit a group order, each with their own PCB design, and share the shipping costs.

This is a great way to make soldering kits and learning howto solder. You will then have the tools to do more sophisticated projects.

Another focus will be using Arduinos to make robots. If you have kids, this is a fantastic opportunity to make robots with them - robotics is this generation's vector into STEM. Between Adafruit, Sparkfun, and Amazon, the parts to make a sophisticated robot is less than $100.

The only tool you will need at the start is a laptop to run Kicad. It will run on Windows, Linux, and Apples. Depending on where people are, we can meet at Pumping Station:one in Chicago, or fox.build in St Charles. These are two makerspaces in the area.

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Kicad workshop

Fox.Build: Makerspace, Hackerspace, Coworking

This is part 2 of the workshop. Part 1 was getting kicad running, getting the libraries installed, and creating the schematics. Part 2 is laying out the PCBs and howto get the boards ordered, plus finding and ordering parts on Digikey.

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Kicad workshop

Fox.Build: Makerspace, Hackerspace, Coworking

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