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Please feel free to join me for mediation practice every other Tuesday evening. We will be practising both silent formal meditation, gentle stretching meditation and walking meditation. For those new to the practice I will provide instruction before we begin. I used to offer more guided meditations but i would like to give this a try for a while and see how it goes. I have attended some other meditation groups who spend more time in silence and people seem to like it. I may change this up in the fall after my meditation retreat. Nothing need remain static. Change is part of our practice after all - accepting the law of impermanence in our practice and in our day to day lives is part of our spiritual growth. i practice and have been trained in mindfulness meditation. But i am not here to impose a rigid type of meditation practice. There are many ways to meditate. I offer basic instruction based on what i know, if requested, otherwise feel free to practice in any way that works for you. The silence is a very important part of the practice. I can explain more about that during our discussions. Suffice to say it is much more important for you to be with the internal workings of your own mind and body than it is to be focused on the sound of my voice. Marie

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This meet up is intended to create a space for people to practice meditation. I practice mindfulness or insight meditation but guests are of course free to practice whatever type of meditation works for them.

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