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What we’re about

Australian Skeptics organises and sponsors events of interest to the skeptically minded. We also publicise external events that we think will be interesting to our audience. Whether you are a member of Australian Skeptics or not, the events published through this group are for you!

However, if you'd like to support the Skeptics in other ways, then perhaps you'd be interested in taking out a subscription to our quarterly magazine, the cleverly-titled The Skeptic. Subscriptions represent the vast bulk of our income, so we do welcome subscribers to support and maintain our efforts. There's no compulsion to subscribe for anyone who signs up to our Meetup group or who just comes along to events, but we do think the magazine offers compulsive (and even entertaining) reading, often giving in-depth coverage to issues only lightly touched on elsewhere. For $22 a year, you can subscribe to the digital format version. Not a lot to pay for your (other) regular dose of skepticism. More info at

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