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We are a group of house concert enthusiasts in the Austin area. The Austin Area House Concerts MeetUp group was created primarily to help introduce live music lovers to the concept of house concerts. AAHC also serves as a resource to connect current house concert hosts with potential audience members, to help performing artists who are seeking places to play connect with current and potential house concert hosts, and to assist people who would like to host their own house concerts learn how to do so successfully.

So, what is a house concert? This video will explain far better than I possibly can! Thank you to Fran Snyder of Concerts in Your Home for creating the video and giving me permission to embed it here.


Why should I join Austin Area House Concerts MeetUp Group?

1) You are new to Austin and looking for a way to meet some new friends. House concert fans tend to be friendly people. The atmosphere is casual and safe. Pick a house concert featuring a musician you enjoy and it is highly likely the other fans there will be people with interests similar to yours. And, if nothing else, you can always talk about the music! Don't be scared of going even if a show only has one or two RSVPs here on MeetUp. Most of our hosts get many of their audience member from their own series regulars who may not RSVP here. Just GO! You will meet friendly people and you will have a great time!

2) You are a fan of live music but are tired of noisy bars, the hassles of finding a place to park, shows that don't even get started until 10 PM or later, and/or being surrounded by rowdy drunks. House concerts are the antithesis of the bar scene. Concerts typically start around 7 or 8 PM and some are held on weekend afternoons. There is usually plenty of easy parking and, while some hosts allow adult beverages, the emphasis is on the music, not on getting drunk and rowdy. Guests just do not misbehave and interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the music, and if someone does misbehave, you can be sure that person won't get invited back!

3) You are a house concert host looking to spread the word about your series. Hard as it is to believe, there are still hundreds of thousands of music fans who have never heard the phrase "house concert." Anyone who joins MeetUp and looks for music-related groups in the Austin area will see our group. Thus anyone with an interest in music can find out about house concerts here. They don't have to know to search for the phrase "house concert." If you host a regular house concert series, you can become an "event host" with AAHC and list all your concerts on our calendar. (See NOTE below!)

4) You're a musician - especially a singer/songwriter - looking for gig opportunities. House concert hosts typically book musicians that they have heard play in the past and KNOW that they and their guests will enjoy. So to get the gigs, the hosts have to know you and your music. Some house concerts feature post-concert song circles and picking-parties. These are a great way to get your music heard by the host who might decide to book you or recommend you to another house concert host. Or, you might impress another music fan so much that that person decides to host their own very first house concert just for you.

5) You have been to a house concert and loved it and now you want to find out where other house concert series are located. A major goal of AAHC is to become the central repository for information about house concerts in this area. Because house concerts are private events, publicity is necessarily limited. Since the details of our calendar are only visible to AAHC members, we can "publicize" house concert events without jeopardizing the "private" status of the individual events. So, join and check out our calendar.

6) You're thinking you would like to host a house concert for your favorite band or musician but you are not sure just how to go about it. AAHC can help. People with house concert hosting experience are always glad to share information about what has worked well for them, and what didn't work so well. We may be able to help you get in touch with your favorite musician to see if he/she would be willing to play for you. We can steer you clear of legal issues, help you draft invitations to invite all your music loving friends and even lend you chairs you need some!

Go ahead. Click that JOIN button now!

NOTE: If you host concerts or musical events in your home in the hopes of earning a profit, you are running a business out of your home. This may or may not be legal depending on your neighborhood zoning. Please note that AAHC does NOT exist to promote business ventures so please do not ask to post your schedule here.

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Susan Gibson at our house - LIVE STREAM

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Susan Gibson at our house - LIVE STREAM

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