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Parents, remember when you could go to any event or just spend a night out on the town without any thought or planning? Well, thanks to those little bundles of joy, that's just not the case anymore. But that doesn't mean you still can't go out and have fun when you can!

Austin Parents Night Out has a single objective - to allow those with the demands of parenthood the opportunity to leave the little ones elsewhere and meet up with similar folks for a fun evening in this great city. No worrying about looking tired or stressed out. No apologizing for having to leave at a certain time to relieve the babysitter. No fretting about boring the group with talk of your children. We're all in the same boat!

All events will be posted well in advance to allow plenty of time for you to make arrangements. Any suggestions for future events are always welcome, and volunteers to host events are even more welcome. Also, while the group is geared toward parents, singles and couples without kids are more than welcome to attend.

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Fun at Celis Brewery!

Celis Brewery

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