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What we’re about

This meetup is a platform for interactive collaboration between Scientist and Creatives - „Sound of Austin, TX" is an AI-IoT/5G public media art project by Heike Jost / ArtFrog Art Academy, a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, enhancing identity & livability of Austinites & Austin's sustainability through fostering its innovative & creative heartbeat by capturing sounds & songs and worldwide broadcasting them while celebrating ONE unique song sequence daily during sunset.
The sound sorting and selection process is supported by machine learning methods and a public voting process that could get overwritten by IBM Watson's choice (yes, we need 2 strands of algorithms :-) or any other AI.
This project goes deep into learning and challenging people, technologies and methods of communication and collaboration of people, devices and methodologies and technologies that will hopefully smooth & seamlessly connect and interact with each other. \

And it is about learning and sharing data and knowledge among all who participate working on the project and all who enjoy listening to sounds. It is free and open for ALL and ment to spread/ be braodcasted globally on digital radio stations. Enjoy :-)
We are meeting in regular biweekly meetups, short notice specific team meetings, design sprints and hackathons. See info and dates also on the project website <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc">ArtFrog's fb</a> and twitter site. \

This meet up is for all creatives all ages and abilities (not only tech geeks, PR, ProjMngrs, Musicians &Soundenthusiasts) who want to learn, help or sponsor/support/ volunteer in any way & means. Come by, create, and see for yourself. \

We are applying for grants through the State of Texas, NEA, City of Austin and are trying to get accepted/ find funding through accelerator programs... but until then YOUR donations are very appreciated. \


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