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This group is used to announce AKA educational meetings and the many peer support groups that fall under AKA's umbrella. General Meetings, Birth/First Parents peer support meetup, Adoptee Meeetups, and Adoptive Parent meetups are all announced here.

AKA is not affiliated with any adoption agencies, religious, or political groups. When sharing stories we do not promote any religious or political beliefs except how they relate to our own stories. Members support eachother using the peer support model. Join us!

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Summer Book Club with Adoptee & Author Shannon Quist

Online event

Join us on June 24th over Zoom for a Q&A with author and adoptee, Shannon Quist. Shannon has interwoven adoption truths with an insightful rendering of what life can be like for adoptees on a quest for their identity, with a little extra creative storyline thrown in to grab your attention. Part memoir, part fiction, this is a book that does not disappoint. "Rose's Locket" is available on KIndle. If you order today you have plenty of time to finish the book. RSVP to [masked] for Zoom link and reminder closer to the event date.

DNA Discoveries Peer Support Group

Online event

Join us for our newest, member requested, peer support group! Keep reading to see if this group is right for you:

"Am I a good fit for this group?"
If you have either found family using commercial DNA testing or been found by family who used commercial DNA testing (examples of commercial DNA testing are Ancestry.com, Family Tree DNA, 23&Me, My Heritage...) then this is the group for you. You do not need to have an adoption connection, but you do need to have a DNA discovery for this group to be relevant to you. Examples include individuals with a known connection to adoption such as birth/first parents, adoptees, donor conceived individuals; unexpected parentage results among those not adopted such as unknown child discovery, unexpected niece, nephew or cousin discovery, individuals discovering they are donor conceived or adopted (late discovery adoptees); anyone who has who found unknown siblings. international adoptees connecting to family including cousins, grandparent discoveries, and the many other scenarios that are surprising folks today.

"Why is this group needed?"
Finding family, or being found - whether you are looking or not - is a major life event. It can upend long held beliefs about ourselves and challenge the very things that make us feel like, well..., us. Things like parentage, ethnicity, religion, birth order, just to name a few. There are also a myriad of reactions from those who have either unexpectedly found us or that we have found them. Sometimes those reactions are not what we had hoped for, or what we expected. It can all be very overwhelming. This group will focus on supporting each other during and after such DNA discoveries.

"What is the scope of this group?"
This peer support group is not meant to replace conventional therapy, but rather serve as an additional support on your personal journey to integrate your DNA findings into your life. Through listening and sharing with your peers, the hope is you will get the support you need to face the challenges that your DNA discoveries have presented. Though this group is not specifically designed to teach genetic genealogy techniques (family tree research using DNA), you will learn what has worked for others in expanding their trees and making progress in their searches.

Zoom Meeting Invitation:
Topic: DNA Discovery Peer Support Group
Time: Second Thursday of the month, 7:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Birth Parent Peer Support Group

Online event

Birth / First parents, come connect and feel supported by peers! This group provides peer support to birth/first parents. Come Zoom with a group of supportive peers! You can use the link, the app, or dial in using your phone. This is a vibrant group of long time and newer AKA members! Join us!

*Notice the date change. now on the second Tuesday of the month! Trouble logging on? Email [masked] for assistance.

Male Adoptee Peer Support Zoom Group

Online event

This group is for male adoptees only. Want to feel supported by other male adoptees familiar with the journey? Here is the group for you. This group will meet via Zoom!

AKA supports honesty and transparency in adoption practices. We are not religiously or politically affiliated but recognize that religion and/or politics may play a part in your personal adoption journey. Please limit any religious or partisan political discussions to how they impact your personal story. AKA welcomes and serves the entire Central Texas population, across all racial, ethnic, religious, and LGBT communities.

Contact [masked] for more information or if you have trouble joining via Zoom.

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Male Adoptee Peer Support Zoom Group

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