2 Day Hardware Wallet Hackathon

Austin Bitcoin Developers
Austin Bitcoin Developers
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Stepan Snigirev of cryptoadvance (https://cryptoadvance.io/) will lead a full day workshop on Saturday to share everything he has learned in the past 18 months building hardware wallets.

On Sunday we'll have a hackathon where you get to play around with cryptoadvance' new dev boards!

I expect this will be our best event to date. Don't miss it!


Here are some topics Stepan plans to cover on Saturday:

1. Review of existing hardware wallets and their architecture (Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard), their strong and weak points
2. Attacks on the hardware wallets - types of attacks and examples happened in the wild
3. Best practices in hardware wallet architecture - how to generate and store the mnemonic, check the PIN, how to display information properly, PSBT and what information does the hardware wallet need
4. Advanced software features in hardware wallets and how to implement them: proper multisignature design, custom scripts, CoinJoin, Lightning network, Schnorr signatures
5. Advanced hardware features - anti-tamper mechanisms, active meshes, physically unclonable functions etc.
6. Review of available frameworks and tools for DIY hardware - Arduino, Mbed, micro-python, embedded Rust, review of available secure elements for tinkerers and what they can do (ATECC508A, Secure Click series from Microe and others)
7. Review of our developer board - architecture choices, roadmap and tools that we are preparing for the first release and in the future.