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What we’re about

The DecentraTech Collective is an open community with a common focus on accelerating the understanding, development and adoption of decentralization technologies (DecentraTech for short), including blockchain and Web 3.0 approaches, to address fundamental business challenges and opportunities within the new data-centric global economy.

The DecentraTech Collective provides education programs and advocacy initiatives for these transformational technologies, drawing on the expertise and services of our Partners. It operates globally and supports the development of decentralized finance, decentralized commerce, decentralized ESG and decentralized government.

One particular advocacy focus is on Health 3.0 (aka Health3 and "Ownership Health"), which will allow individuals to own, control, share and monetize their personal health and health-relevant information.

The DecentraTech Collective spun out from the Austin Blockchain Collective in the fall of 2021. The groundbreaking and award winning Austin Blockchain Collective was launched at SXSW in 2018.

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