What we're about

We believe it is each person's birthright to experience the--sweetness of breath-- and be able to use their breath consciously and comfortably for personal and spiritual well-being.

Developing your initial relationship with conscious breathing may include a series of private sessions with a trained facilitator (to focus on your particular life journey), attending community/group sessions where you can share your experience and learn from others experience and attending workshops and training.

Our Guided Breath Groups are our offering to the community (at a low cost). We provide a well-facilitated opportunity to help you highlight your relationship with the sacred through conscious breathing.

Our intent is to offer a safe, nurturing, sensitive environment through which the good that you desire may come to you and to share from our experience of 20-15 + years.

Our groups include people new to conscious breathing as well as those who are very experienced. If you have a question or concern please email us and if we feel attending a group at this time is not recommended, for some reason, we will communicate that to you as well.

We welcome you!

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Harmony Healing Arts Festival

Nature's Treasures Community Center

Beginner Speed Meditation/Yoga Class

Leighton's House

Source Of Nourishment Retreat

Stillwaters Retreat

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