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Hi, I'm Doug Tidwell, CPA, a network organizer, and I want to help you sharpen your tools & improve your skill set.

For the last decade I have been involved in several business networking groups aimed at building interest, targeting markets, & business and life planning and education. I've worked in the CPA field for the last 30 years, worked with hundreds of industries and business models, and my goal is to help others grow & balance their businesses. With knowledge that also helps peoples personal financial and wealth lives.

This group's goals will be to give you ideas to think about; opportunities for greater profit building; & valuable information for informed decision making. Think of this as earning a Free MBA during lunch.

For 2020, our Monthly Meet-Ups will be Focused somewhat more on Recent tax and Risk changes and opportunities that will, or can, affect your real cash and wealth going forward. How different circumstances such as single or married or real estate, among other things, will affect peoples and what Advantageous Opportunities have been created for your possible personal situation and advantage.

We will be achieving these goals by hosting guest speakers from different professions who will cover ideas on Marketing, Finance, Real Estate Investment, General Tax Savings Options, and Business Management.

This Group and the Meetups are not for, and cannot offer, specific tax or legal or financial advice for your situation because such advice would have to take into account all of your specific situations and nuances. This group is intended for broad based education and informations and business issues and networking. Questions specific to your situation should be consulted with your personal trusted advisors.


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