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You CAN speak some Chinese today! (novice)
If you've ever heard, said, or thought things like “I’ve heard Chinese is the hardest language in the world!” “Can you really pronounce all those weird sounds?” “There are tones you can’t learn as an adult!” “Do you really have to learn one character for every word?” “Chinese is definitely too hard for me!” but really wanted to speak and/or understand some Chinese, this workshop is for you! By direct interaction, imitation, and reinforcement, even complete novices will use simple everyday phrases and sentences. Within a half-hour, you'll have participated in at least one tiny conversation. This will be a "mini immersion". Even if you already speak/understand a little Mandarin, this should be useful practice. No characters, no pinyin, no freaking tone numbers! Just WATCH, LISTEN, GUESS, and SING! Please RSVP by Fri and commit by Sat. ___________________________________________________ Use calendar view ( to see other upcoming events at a glance.

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Central Market Cafe--upstairs

4001 N Lamar Blvd · Austin, TX

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Practice your Chinese language and be involved in Chinese cultural activities! Native Chinese speakers practice your English and make friends with locals in Austin who are interested in your culture and language, Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world, one billion plus and counting!

Since we want our members to have every opportunity to attend our events and to feel comfortable participating, we have a few rules. Please read this important page:

This Meetup will focus on three areas: Language, Culture and Food.

#1 Language: Language practice and exchange between Native Chinese, Americans and all in between! All Chinese languages, (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese) and levels of proficiency are welcomed!

#2 Culture: Kungfu Classes, Chinese Movie Screenings, Exhibits, Performances and many others!

#3 Food: Exploring the various types of cuisine from, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, Canton (Dim Sum as well!), Beijing and many other provinces!

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