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-Purpose of this group is to address the common need for men to get together and hang out, have food and drink, and get real about Jesus- our lives- and grow. This doesn’t really exist in Austin but we are going to change that. So many of us can’t make it to church, or don’t want to. Also many guys just seem to not want to be guys and or manly. We do but we will out of our love for our fellow man as Christ does.

-Anyone who is a guy who wants bros in their life who want to be authentic, grow together in Christ or get to know Him more should come. Also if you might be curious about Jesus or want friends you should come too. No shoving beliefs down throats but just getting real and raising up men in a town that doesn’t want to see godly and man in the same sentence.

-At our meet ups we will get dinner or coffee, talk and meet each other, get in some Bible time, pray for each other, and then go do something fun like downtown axe throwing, hiking, kayaking, shooting, get a drink (for those comfortable) or just hang out.

-So if you’re new to Austin or you just want to meet some new men- come hang and get real and grow. God bless you and hope to see y’all soon.

Past events (3)

2021 St. Patrick Crawfish Boil

Milburn Park

Coffee, Bible, Convos

Illuminate Coffee Bar

Bro Night

Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine

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