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Topic: Norman - Instaparse ( When regular expressions aren't enough, I usually jump to writing a parser by hand. This can be a tedious, error-prone process that results in hard to maintain code. On the other hand, parser generators are normally so hard to work with that it's not worth the effort most of the time. That's not true of instaparse, which makes complex parsing tasks as simple as using regular expressions. In this talk I will introduce instaparse and show a few examples of times I've used it effectively. The primary example is query syntax for an API the constructs complex nested elasticsearch aggregations. I'll also give a very brief introduction to regular and context-free languages for those who want to dust of their automata theory textbooks. Thanks again to Capital Factory for giving us a space to meet at!

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This group is focused on Clojure and related Lisp languages specifically Common Lisp and Scheme as they strongly influence the approach Clojure takes. Java is a foundational system for Clojure, but the focus is not on the Java language, but the JVM and associated libraries that are the power base for Clojure. Functional programming, multi-methods, etc. will be discussed and demoed with the focus on real-world uses and power. Abstraction and advanced techniques will be discussed as well. We're looking for people who want to talk, demo as well as give lightning talks at the REPL so that people can follow along. Topics include Clojure for creating MineCraft bots, Clojure for Social Data Mining, etc. Please offer up talks that you can give as well as ones you may be interested in doing along with a partner. I (we) want the group to be active in that we don't have a ton of people just sitting watching a few, but each time we meet, teams have formed to be able to present to the group. 15 or 30 mins. is fine. There's more than enough to share with this awesome language and toolset.

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