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If you strive to be all organic, even on a budget; want to stay out of doctors' offices, want to learn true high impact biological medicine, create a non-toxic environment for yourself and help the shift in that direction for the planet, then you would be an awesome Austin Alternative & Complementary Medicine meet-up member!

The Medical Director of The Ozone Treatment Center and Biochemist hosts this meetup to clear up the two decades of confusion Dr. Google has created about true health that old allopaths, holistic practitioners and functionally educated scientists used to practice called Biological Medicine". It is founded in first aligning with the evolutionary relationship with the planet that humans enjoyed before chemicals and technology. She has a long and distinguished list of clients and over 20 years with the blessing of their resources that enabled her to try and laboratory test the results on patients of everything out there. And the best way always lands back to the old way drawn from ancient sources like rock tar shilajit and heirloom or biodynamic.

The truth about health has been subdued, censored and even attacked on Dr. Google. In this evidence-based forum you will learn remarkable techniques of home-based biological medicine that will inspire you to go further and further because of the results it brings - naturally.

This Medical Model & it's creator (well, with her creator :) has won awards - one by the American Naturopathic Board of Medicine. It has cured everything from Parkinson's and Cancer to Addiction & Autoimmune disease as well as a host of metabolic disorders like Biotoxin Illness - mold, yeast, fungus and other "unknown" pathogens.

In addition to a well-balanced organic diet formulated from 20 years of guiding people through serious healing crisis' and succeeding with diet being a huge contributor of patients' success (great way to never develop disease!), you will learn how to use ozone, PEMF, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygen and some very extremely inexpensive home-based, very potent remedies for today's epidemic diseases caused by an unfortunately toxic planet expressed in our soil, water, food and air.

For the hard-core members, cleansing - detox & intelligent fasting will be hosted!

You will also have a lot of fun... she makes getting healthy as fun as being healthy is!

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Biotoxin Illness- A Discussion With Expert Guidance On Cleansing Mold, Yeast...

I am cancelling my Meetup Membership! Getting too busy with the clinic so this event will be the last! please contact me with your email if you want to stay in touch with us and The Ozone Treatment Center at The Biosanctuary www.ozonetreatmentcenter.com . You can also check out my new project starting in the Spring of 2021 www.hillcountrybiospa.com Genita Mason will discuss in detail what in food, water, OTC and other drugs, and the environment is causing today's most epidemic gut disorders and biotoxin illness defined as mold, yeast, fungal, and bacterial overgrowths and how to begin correcting it before you leave! If you bring all the ingredients necessary, she will show you how to make a strong gut cleansing, pathogen (biotoxins) killing, and bowel moving "parasite paté! All those who RSVP will be given the ingredients list!

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