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Do you live & breathe computers and software? Do you spend your days working – and creating, playing, laughing, and learning – on the Internet? Join your kindred spirits in Austin as we broaden our horizons, sharpen our skills, and deepen our appreciation of the history and culture of the technological world we're living in, and building.

Nothing against tweets, Snapchats, or blog posts, but in the Austin Computer Book Club we're taking time for the original "longform" writing: books.

It's simple: every other month we pick a book, read it cover-to-cover (or as much as our busy schedules allow), and then get together to discuss it. Sometimes our titles are more technical, programming books; other times they're on more cultural or historical topics. We're looking ahead, to figure out how to advance the industry, and we're also looking back, to see where it came from.

People from any background, profession, and level of technical experience are welcome. If you're interested in reading and talking about our books, we're happy to have you!

Past events (30)

October: Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

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August: The Design of Everyday Things

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May: Coders At Work

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March: Ruined by Design

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