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What we’re about

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate the creation of cohousing communities in Austin or the surrounding areas within two years, as defined by Charles Durrett in his literature. The communities we develop will consist of private homes clustered around shared space and facilities and feature principles that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

We work as an incubator, by gaining skills and knowledge from more than 150 communities that exist throughout the United States. Our monthly meetings serve as a resource to educate Austin residents and provide the tools for potential residents to gather, organize, and develop communities.

Everyone is welcome to attend Austin Conscious Cohousing Meetups regardless of age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or dietary preferences.

About Us

The individuals in this group are totally nuts about co-housing!  We come from diverse backgrounds ranging in age from 20-70 years young. Together we are working towards making co-housing mainstream.

We believe that cohousing communities bring the best elements of village life back to people in order to grow healthy happy individuals and families. In a village, each person is known, and honored for who they are and the unique gifts they bring to the whole. Children have a place to play and the elderly are included and valued for their wisdom. 

The intention of this group is to come together in a way of deep respect, 'connect the dots', and get a clear picture of communities that we want to create, including the steps that are needed to make them a reality, and to follow those steps until they become a reality. 

This process could include buying property and building sustainable structures which are beautiful, intelligently designed, and affordable; or converting a warehouse into an urban village with varied affordable income units, or... you decide, with your “people” as we all go through the process. We expect to see several different communities in different areas. 

Come get inspired, and find the people who want to build the community you all want, together, as neighbors!  It's all a learning experience and we welcome you to join us. We look forward to meeting you soon and hearing about your vision of community living!

Our facebook page is:

What is CoHousing?  There are plenty of great websites that dive deep into all the details of co-housing, here's some good ones: 

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