THE PATH: EVOLUTION; Special Premiere Austin Screening

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Special Premiere Austin Screening with the Producers

Hosted by INACS (
Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, 6:15–9 pm

The Moviehouse and Eatery
8300 N FM 620, Bldg B, Austin, TX 78726
After you enter, go to theater #6

To attend, please register and pay when you RSVP ($10)
Please note: This event is now SOLD OUT;
There will NOT be tickets available at the door.

Open to the public
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I hope you can join us for this very special INACS event: the Austin film premiere of The Path: Evolution. Evolution is the third installment of the Path trilogy, a film series exploring the boundaries and future of human consciousness.

Some of you joined us in 2013 when we screened Part 2 of the Path trilogy, “Afterlife,” to a sold-out Austin audience. For this event, producers April Hannah and Michael Habernig will be returning to Austin to screen “Evolution,” meet you, answer your questions and discuss the film.

We screened Afterlife on a very small screen, but thanks to your input we’ve decided to pull out all the stops and screen Evolution at one of Austin’s finest theaters, the Moviehouse and Eatery. The Moviehouse offers amazingly comfortable deluxe leather full recliners (the type that provide the kind of ultimate comfort and floating sensation that’s been known to lead to out-of-body experiences). In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to be served at your deluxe chair to sample the fabulous food and drink options that the Moviehouse has to offer.

To open this event to the widest audience and make the experience very affordable, we’ve priced this event at just $10. Because of this super-low price, we won’t be able to offer further discounts to INACS members or board members. There are only 49 seats available for this screening, so to insure that we can accommodate as many as possible without turning people away at the door, everyone will need to pay in advance while registering.

Please feel free to arrive early (beginning at 6:15pm), find your deluxe recliner, and order dinner and drinks as you experience the latest chapter of the Path! The film will begin at 7:00pm, and the producers will take questions from 8:30 to 9:00. They’ll also be selling and signing copies of the three Path DVDs in case you’ve missed any or would like your own copy to watch any time the mood strikes.

The Path: Evolution

The Path: Evolution, the third film of The Path Series trilogy, explores the theory that human beings are living in a virtual reality system with rules similar to an assimilated video game. The film briefly discusses the societal fears of the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, and delves into the importance of humans moving more towards a state of love and cooperation as a vital part of life in order for consciousness to evolve.

The filmmakers follow former NASA nuclear physicist, Thomas Campbell, as he shares his knowledge and the results of his research of consciousness, physics, metaphysics and morality to explain mind and matter, normal and paranormal, life, death, and purpose, with all of this logically flowing from the concept of reality as information. Out-of-body expert, William Buhlman, remote viewer and former President of The Monroe Institute (TMI), Skip Atwater, & former Executive Director of TMI, Paul Rademacher, join the conversation as well, in footage covering a 7 year span from 2008 to 2015. The Path: Evolution will undoubtedly challenge viewer’s current belief systems to re-evaluate how they are behaving, treating others, and evolving in the world.

View the “Evolution” trailer here:

For info on all the Path films:

To explore the Moviehouse experience, see:

And to whet your appetite for the fabulous Moviehouse food and drink, here’s their full menu:

We’ve worked hard to offer you this special treat for October, and we sincerely hope you can join us and enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!

About the Film-Makers

Director: Michael Habernig

Michael Habernig, the owner of Habernig Productions and Director of The Path Trilogy, has created a clear path for himself. After years of investigation and interviewing experts in the field of healing and consciousness, Michael is slowly unraveling the science of the soul. By creating this series of films, Michael hopes to help viewers by giving a perspective on the subject of consciousness that will assist them in finding their own unique path.

Michael’s inspiration comes from his own soul’s journey and life experiences when he was confronted with the deaths of many friends and family members over a short period of time. These deaths triggered a series of profound questions that Michael continues to investigate. Along with running a video production company for over 13 years, Michael has over 18 years of experience in film and video production.

Producer: April Hannah

April Hannah, the owner of Hannah’s Healing and Producer of The Path Trilogy has been on a path of healing and discovery ever since she was a young girl. Her early childhood experiences inspired and launched her into a career of psychotherapy and wellness while always striving to work on her own spiritual path of development.

Her goal for The Path Trilogy is to raise the consciousness level of the world, one viewer at a time. April brings a psychological awareness to the film that allows the viewers to connect with the filmmakers and feel connected to the concept that “we are all one” through the viewing of the films. Her experience working with clients in the spiritual realm has also assisted in finding the experts for the documentary.

April’s clinical career began in 1999 and since then she has worked with people from all walks of life. Her clinical and healing practice includes working with people of all ages from veterans, sexual abuse survivors, at-risk children, the “severe mentally ill,” people with disabilities and those who are searching for their own path and purpose in life.

The Moviehouse and Eatery

The Moviehouse and Eatery is located in the Trails at 620 at 8300 N FM 620, Bldg B, Austin, TX 78726 (on the west side of FM620 about a mile north of 2222).
The Moviehouse is located in the rear right side of the center. When you enter the Moviehouse, go to Theater #6.

A Few Points to Keep in Mind:

• This Event is now SOLD OUT. There will NOT be tickets available at the door.

• Please leave some extra driving time as traffic can be quite heavy at this time.

• No outside food or drink is allowed in the Moviehouse.

• When you enter the Moviehouse, go to theater #6.

• Don’t order food or drinks at the bar; servers will be waiting to take your orders at your seat.

• Arrive as early as 6:15pm to find your seat and order food and drinks.

• The film will begin at 7:00pm after a few announcements.

• The producers will have DVD copies of the films available for purchase and signing before and after the film.

• We'll hand out note cards for you to jot down your questions for the producers.

• Relax & enjoy the film!