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🔷 SUN - SEPTEMBER 15th 🔷
TIME: Sun 4pm. 9/15/2019
Location: 55 North I-35. Suite 260. Austin TX 78702


w/ Gary G. Preuss, Ph.D.

PLUS GARY’S BONUS REPORT from the 2019 International IONS Conference!

For centuries, science dismissed the paranormal as coincidence without seriously looking at it. The materialist paradigm of science did not allow for the possibility of psychic abilities and the survival of consciousness after death. But a new period of scientific enlightenment is emerging. The forces of cosmology and physics indicate that the existence of our universe is all but impossible, yet we perceive it around us. Statistical research shows us that previously inexplicable phenomena are real and that what was viewed as the paranormal is actually normal. Out-of-body and transcendental near-death experiences are forcing science to reform its old notions about the brain and consciousness. Often taking root in quantum physics, there is now quiet, but increasingly pervasive, scientific evidence for what has been called spiritual.

Gary will expand and take a deep dive furthering his 2017 presentation made at INACS. If you are intrigued by the magic of psychic intuition and life after death and want to know what scientific research now says on the topic, here is a chance to explore how science and spirituality—once considered mutually exclusive—are beginning to say the same things with different vocabulary.

Plus Gary’s bonus report on this year’s International IONS Conference!! What a treat to share with us!!

🔷 NOTE SPECIAL TIME and LOCATION for this event:
TIME: Sun 4pm. 9/15/2019
Location: 55 North I-35. Suite 260. Austin TX. 78702

🔷 NOTE: Pls arrive by no later than 4pm as the building’s main door will be locked at 4:15pm.

🔷 Bldg Front Door 🔷
OPEN at 3:30pm
LOCKED at 4:15pm

🔷 COST: “Suggested” Donation $10. No one is turned away, regardless of donation amount. All are welcomed!😊

We look forward to seeing you at this special presentation by Gary Preuss, PhD to open our 2019 Fall Season!

Gary G. Preuss, Ph.D., is a scientific and spiritual visionary. Gary worked for thirty years as an economist and statistical analyst. He grew up on a farm outside El Campo, Texas, U.S.A., earned degrees from Rice University and Georgetown University, experienced a month of silence as a novice in the California Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and holds a doctorate in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Gary is owned by two dachshunds in Austin, Texas.