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6.5 Proven Ways Video Can Grow Your Business

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Are you using video to market your business...

When considering, "Content Marketing," most people think blogs or Press type articles. Today, anything that conveys a message that can be perceived by any of our five senses is considered content. If that message drives traffic to you and your business, then it's Content Marketing.

Not already utilizing video as a form of content marketing? You're missing out on one of the best tools (Remember those five senses?) for getting your message heard, spread and acted upon.

This month, we take a look at a few key elements to an effective plan for growing your business through Video Content Marketing. What you can expect to learn:

1. How video can make your site mobile-friendly

2. What ways video helps to improve your SEO efforts

3. What video can do to make capturing your Social Media referrals easier

4. How video can improve your ROI on all of your pre-existing web presence investments

5. When video can make your marketing less expensive

6. How video enhances your email marketing

...AND something Adam Levy calls, "The specter of Virality"

About the Presenter
Adam Levy is the President of LDRK Media, a local online video marketing firm. Adam is also the former Director of Marketing at Advanced Veterinary Technologies. Adam studied film editing under Affonso Goncalves, editor of the Sundance winner Winter’s Bone and is the director of the documentary The Renewal of Southwest One.