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What we're about

This is a chance to be in a healthy, empowered and embodied community of healers who love to have higher end experience of exquisite hand-crafted metaphysical healing necklaces. My friends and I enjoy testing out new formulas and sharing in the joy of exploration of their effects as part of a social experience. If you love to experience and geek out about the sensations and healing effects of healing crystals, this is for you.

Do you want to really know more about crystals and how to work with them? Interested in crystal healing? Already a pro crystal healer but want more?

This Meetup has got you covered!

We offer:

Free and Low Cost Educational & Social Events:

• Intro Q&A "Rock Talk" discussions

• Special Previews of New Healing Necklace Formulas

• Crystal Tea & Social Events

• Trunk Shows

• Sometimes we also invite in guest speakers and presenters.

These are for all crystal loving people and innovators and professional healers who use crystals. Newbies to Pros. Come Meet interesting people. Have fun! Learn something!

What to expect:


We are hosting most of our events in our cozy apartment home location in Austin Texas that seats about 10 people comfortably. It is a clean, well appointed space with beautiful furnishings and art. And we offer tea and sometimes will have social potlucks. As our group grows we may move more of our events over to Soma Vida or another location. However we like an intimate group as it helps everyone have a chance to ask questions and go deeper.

Who comes to our events?

We have an interesting mix of professional healers and innovators and newbies with a fair number of our people are doing their part to keep Austin Weird. But that is how we like it! We are a sober, drug-free community. (Don't wan't it don't need it!) And a fun-loving community. We also like to geek out on gems as well as really feel and have an embodied connection to the earth. A fair number of people who care about relationships and love and social time and dancing and helping the world be more sustainable as well as bodyworkers and healers with advanced spiritual training and innovators who want to connect to earth intelligence. A nice integrated feeling and logic and a balance of sacredness and science goodness. We have Lot's of people who study multiple forms of healing. Some of our people (ok me) are futurists who see value in crystals being used in developing advanced sustainable technology as well as being a professional healers and mentor to innovators. Our numbers currently range from 3-10 people at these things.

Your Host:

Hi, I'm David Tejeda, l have experience in wellness, bodywork, healthcare, nutrition, and energy medicine as well as specialized skills as a healer who specializes in helping people progress in their lives. I've been been working with crystals as a designer of therapeutic necklaces since 1993. My designs are worn by world-class healers and metaphysicians and by innovators and game-changers around the world who want to enhance their performance or optimize their healing or special skills. I'm also a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition among other things. I know how these tools help people who are healers and innovators. I have been around in this arena for a long time.

Why create this group:

I believe that re-connecting people to the vast intelligence and resonant power of the Earth is a key to transforming how we heal, how we feel and how we become empowered in our lives. And we do better when we have a community of people to be inspired by. Let's discuss how we can have a more conscious community, learn and make a difference!


• People New to Crystal healing who want a solid foundation in these tools for grounded change.

• Professional Healers, Holistic Professionals and Innovators who believe in our mission to:

"Re-connect people to the vast intelligence and resonant power of the Earth to transform how we heal, how we feel and how we become empowered in our lives."

• Community Building, we love being around awesome people who care about the earth and who are here to do something about it. If you do too, come make some friends at a social event.


For anyone who loves crystals

Free Intros-

•Social Potluck & Trunk Show

Low Cost

•Social Potluck & Trunk Show: NEW FORMULAS


Crystals Topics for Healers:

Free Intros-

•Introduction to Crystals, Healing & Necklaces: How do crystal healing necklaces work? What is the latest theory on how they actually help us heal? Experience Healing Necklaces.

•Intro-Top 3 Healing Stones: Learn which stones are best for you in a professional 1:1 consult as well as learn about Gemstone Energy Medicine. How do you get started with gems for self-healing?

Low Cost-

• The Resonance Model, Future Possibilities of Advanced Crystal Technology and Sustainable Living.

• Crafting Wearable Medicine: Bio-conductive Materials & The Art of Therapeutic Crystal Necklace Design.

• Vogel Alignment Demo

• Unburdening with Crystals Demo

• Intro to Crystal Necklaces for Bodyworkers

Topics for Innovators and Inventors

• Crafting Wearable Medicine: Bio-conductive Materials & The Art of Therapeutic Crystal Necklace Design.

• Crystal Theory Class: Spheres and Points- Understanding how shape changes therapeutic effects.

• Earth Connections: Learn the 4 main ways we connect to the earth and how to boost our connection.

• AI to EI: Artificial Intelligence to Earth Intelligence- Creating a shift to safer pathways for developing AI.

• Crystal Matrix Geometry and The Crystalline structure of the Vacuum of Space. (Physics)

• Crystals & Mapping NOR energy: Non Orderly Resonant energy may be the way nature is coordinating homeostasis and communicating with us.

• Beyond Biomimicry: Advanced Crystal Technology & The Resonance Model: resonant biological field interfaces and sustainable design in the AI age. Creating in harmony with nature by listening directly to her in her own language and giving her a voice and design input- how it works in real time with over 7 billion people.

I look forward to meeting you! Let's do this!


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