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Come and meet some of the BEST Real Estate investors in the Austin area!

At this local Real Estate Investing Group, we will discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages and much more

Networking brings you properties & deals...

We provide networking and education for real estate investors in the Houston Area.

Everyone is welcome:

• Rookie Real Estate Investors

• Veteran Real Estate Investors

• LandLords

• Realtors

• Business Owners

• Property Managers

• Contractors

• Handyman

• Rehabbers

• Hard Money Lenders/ Private Money Lenders

• Fix and Flip Investors

• Buy and Hold Investors

Networking is welcome and encouraged!!

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Upcoming events (4+)

How to invest in real estate with little to no work

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We invite you to join our online event on May the 25th at 12.00 PM CT with Daniel Dominguez about how to invest in real estate with little to no work.

In This webinar, he will discuss methods of making significant profits while putting in small or even no sweat equity at all!

Don´t lose this opportunity and participate for free to learn the best tips and traps!

About the speaker:

Daniel Dominguez has several years of experience in real estate. He first started out as a wholesaler and eventually after making $35,000 in his first few months he transitioned to flipping properties after his first flip he purchased his first buy-and-hold property as duplex. Now By age 30 he’s Accumulated close to $1 million Worth of properties in his portfolio. Daniel is now a real estate agent and with his knowledge and experience of deal prospecting, Acquisitions and structuring, He’s now helping other investors acquire wealth and financial freedom.

S.A.S - The 3 Effective Investing Strategies for Maximizing Profits

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We invite you to join our exclusive webinar with Max Chera on May the 26th at 6.00 PM CT about S.A.S (Structure, Analyze, Strategize).

What does deal-finding mean to you? Is it just a simple task to find deals or to look for an investment opportunity? Well, that’s true.

However, there are still underlying principles in finding investment opportunities and analyzing potential deals that you must know.

Do you want to break out of the traditional deal-finding techniques that you are using? Introducing, The 3 Effective Investing Strategies for Maximizing Profits with Managing Partner at Express Capital Financing, Max Chera

Don't lose this opportunity and save your place here for free!

About the Speaker:

Max Chera is the Managing Partner of Express Capital Financing. He got involved in Real Estate at a young age at 21 he already owned his own brokerage in Brooklyn doing Sales and Leases all over South Brooklyn. After a few years, a great opportunity came up for Max to enter another market and he moved to Austin, Texas for 3 years. In Texas, he was fortunate enough to partner with a mega team, sold over 150+ homes a year, and taught new agents how to make money selling Real Este.

REIQ Training: Your Guide For An Expert Deal Finding

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Join the bandwagon of experts in deal-finding!

Topics that you shouldn’t miss in this webinar:

● How to maximize investment deals while you’re at home
● Easiest ways to find and analyze the best deals in the market
● How to make a huge profit in real estate investing
● Tools you must know for a much easier deal-finding

It is no surprise that the real estate industry is constantly growing despite the challenges. Now that many investors are vying to get the best opportunities in the market, investing your time and money to find deals without proper knowledge might not be beneficial for your business.

However, learning the most updated technologies and software is going to help you find your next big deal!

As part of Real Estate IQ’s vision to be part of your success, Austin Bright, is going to guide you by bringing revolutionizing
techniques on how to become an expert in finding great deals!

Austin will also share with you the Real Estate IQ’s most powerful tools for a much easier, and more accurate deal-finding!

Join us on May 27th at, at 1 PM Central Time, for a new real estate investing class that you should definitely not miss!

Rehabbing Houses in 2022

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We invite you to join our online event on May 31st at 12.00 PM CT, about Rehabbing houses with Gabriel Rodarte, an expert in Flipping.

Topics to be discussed in the Webinar:
- Is the market prime for rehab
- What kinds of properties are best for rehabbing
- What repairs to make
- What approach is working right now

Don't lose this opportunity and save your place here for free!

About the speaker:

Gabriel Rodarte is a residential and commercial real estate investor in Texas. Vertical House Buyers was born in 2013. With high energy and integrity, Gabe specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge in hundreds of real estate transactions, not limited to wholesaling, flipping, rentals, Mobile home parks, RV Parks, raising private funding, and more for commercial offices, industrial, retail and multifamily properties.

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