History of AI: Modern Developments in AI and Neuroscience (1980-Present)


In this second and final talk in this series, we will continue to explore the ways in which researchers have investigated the nature of intelligence and its simulation in physical systems. The focus will be on the various threads of modern research into artificial intelligence (AI) that coalesced after the AI winter during the 1970s. Bolstered by an increase in computing power, machine learning and statistical optimization techniques came to the forefront as a means to deal with data every increasing in dimensionality. These innovations paved the path for the rebirth of connectionist approaches to AI which focused on creating learning systems instantiated in artificial neural networks, whether deep or shallow. Interest and research into the nature of complex dynamical systems and emergence during the 1980s also provided the foundation for fields of AI study inspired by biological systems and evolutionary theory. Rooted in cybernetics and control theory, a number of approaches emerged including reinforcement learning and techniques focusing on emergent intelligence. As a final focus, we will consider cognitive architectures and perspectives inspired by neuroscience which have led to the development of theoretical approaches that have the potential to unite all modern AI research under one paradigm. With all this considered we are finally in a position to ask ourselves: do we stand poised at the forefront of the technological singularity or are we at the edge of a third AI winter?


After the talk, we'll head over to CU29 (across the street from the Omni) for networking and deep learning discussions.

6:30 - 7:00: Sign In/Grab some food/Announcements
7:00 - 8:00: Sanjeev's Talk
8:00: Head on over to CU29

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