Journal Club: Sampling can be faster than optimization


Sampling can be faster than optimization:

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The Journal Club channel is #paper_group

Austin Deep Learning Journal Club is group for committed machine learning practitioners and researchers alike. The group meets the first and the third Tuesdays of each month Downtown Austin to discuss research publications. The publications are usually the ones that laid foundation to ML/DL or explore novel promising ideas and are selected by a vote. Participant are expected to read the publications to be able to contribute to discussion and learn from others. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your implementations to get feedback from other experts.
Anyone can suggest and vote for the next paper on Austin Deep Learning slack work space (#paper_group channel):
Space is limited to keep the discussions organized, so please RSVP if you are certain that you will be participating.

What to bring: a copy of the paper (either digital or hardcopy)

About our sponsors:

Altway (

On behalf of Altway, BlueNote, and Tulco Labs, we're excited to host you at our new space at 816 Congress!

We're passionate about deep learning, came here over the past few months from San Francisco, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Chicago, and are committed to growing the practitioner and research community locally.