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The time following your divorce can be the most profound time in your life if you are willing to go on an adventure of discovery to find out who YOU really are.  

This meetup group was created by mentor Kerri Hummingbird to introduce an alternative approach to divorce recovery that helps you to understand yourself better, release the past, and reinvent your life to suit your preferences and passions. Whether you are right in the middle of the transition, or still stuck years after your divorce, this meetup group welcomes you.

Kerri brings in-the-trenches experience of recovering from the ending of her 20 year marriage, as well as eight years of deep spiritual healing and certifications from numerous programs. Her body of knowledge about divorce recovery is shared in her best-selling book, 'From We To Me.' (

This meetup group offers a place to connect with others who are going through a similar experience, and to receive information about avenues of healing.

When you are ready to let go of the past and reinvent your life, you might be interested in individual mentoring or group coaching with Kerri's program: Reinvent Yourself Training. This program blends coaching with earth-based spirituality to help you release your past and discover your true self so you can love your life again.

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