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Austin Divorce Resources Group - Ask a Professional!
If you are going through a divorce, or considering one, this Meetup is the perfect place to ask any questions you have of our network of divorce professionals. This is our monthly networking event where we connect with one another, and we also welcome people going through divorce. Our aim is to be of service! We know that when you're going through divorce, sometimes it's just the chirp of crickets that keeps you company. There are financial planners, mortgage brokers, realtors, life coaches, therapist, co-parenting specialists, mediators, lawyers, estate planners and more that attend our monthly gathering. The format of this meeting is that each divorce professional will speak 60 seconds about what they offer and their philosophy with whatever aspect of divorce they specialize in. Once you hear what each professional does, you'll have an opportunity to talk to the divorce professionals you need on a one-on-one basis to gather more information or ask questions related to your personal circumstances. It's FREE to attend. You only pay for whatever lunch you order for yourself.

Santa Rita

1206 W 38th St · Austin, TX

What we're about

Have you been in a long term relationship that ended in divorce or separation? Are you struggling to figure out what part of that “We” was actually you? Does the experience of dating surprise and confuse you after so many years as part of a couple? This meetup group was created by life coach Kerri Hummingbird to teach the tools and practices she learned during her divorce recovery that helped with self-discovery, untangling the agreements and identity created during the We relationship, and creating a new identity and new agreements with consciousness for the new Me. In the events led by Kerri Hummingbird, the goal is to share with you tools and practices to help you move forward with your life that Kerri personally used to recover from the end of her 20 year relationship; her body of knowledge is covered in her forthcoming book, 'From We To Me.' Kerri is also trained as an Artist of the Spirit Coach, and versed in 'The Four Agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz, and she brings this training forward to you. To determine if this meetup is right for you, check out

This meetup group will also offer opportunities for various divorce professionals to share their expertise and valuable hints and tips for the divorce process. The meetup will feature all kinds of professionals from life coaches to financial planners to mediators to co-parenting therapists. Therefore, it is a good place to get exposed to professionals who might be able to help you through a part of your divorce and recovery.

This meetup group IS NOT a divorce recovery group; although we always encourage sharing from participants, this meetup does not offer a cathartic place to go deep into your divorce experience. This meetup group is also not a replacement for a licensed psychotherapist if you feel you need one. This meetup group is not intended to facilitate dating.

This meetup group IS a place to open to new perspectives and learn self-help tools and practices for getting yourself to a better place than where you are in this moment, and it IS a place to meet other people who are going through a similar experience.

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