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After multiple clients have asked us about safe socialization opportunities for their puppies, we have decided to create a meetup group for this very purpose. Austin Dog Zone Puppy Parties formed! Our puppy meetup group is open to non-clients and current clients with puppies between the ages of 3-6 months. Seven puppies per meetup can join, so RSVP early! To sign up please go here: . The purpose of this group is to socialize puppies in a secure area, outside of dog parks and under the supervision of a certified dog trainer. Our experienced trainer will be able to assess good play, and play that becomes too rowdy. This is not a training class, but training is highly encouraged in addition to socialization to help make your puppy a well rounded and stable dog. Locations may vary and will be announced to members only. All puppy owners must send vet records by email before attending a meetup for the first time and pay the fee for the trainer's time (comes out to $12.50/per meetup). Payments may be paid via PayPal, cash or check. If you have further questions, feel free to email, .


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