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Drone Field Day - Flying, Networking
Join us on the lawn next to the 360 Bridge for our Austin Drone Meetup. The team at Hangar has gotten permission from property management to fly at this location. Basic Rules: - Take Offs/ Landings are on outside of orange cones. - No Flying over the 360 Bridge or Roads - No flying over people that are not participating in drone operations - Be Aware of other Drones - Be Aware for Helicopters/Planes and lower altitude anytime you hear/see them. If you are a seasoned drone pilot, please step up if you notice something unsafe, or reckless, so that we can prevent any issues from occurring before they happen. We are relying on all of our knowledge to help this community grow responsibly. There will be meetup organizers and volunteers around to help people out from 10am to 12pm. After 12PM, we ask for everyone to clear out, security will be allowed to kick people of the property outside of these hours. Please park at 5001 Plaza on the Lake on the lower level parking, which is the closest spot to the field. No parking is permitted on the road. You can stop to drop off your gear, but you will be asked to move if you park. If you are new to the Meetup or new to flying. Feel free to find one of our Organizers/Volunteers if you have any questions or want help getting set up to fly. Hangar will be providing some water and coolers, however we'd also like folks to bring out their shade tents, tables, and bring their own coolers, drinks and snacks. It is important to note that the field has stickers and fire ants. A blanket or lawn chair are highly recommended. Watch out for your kids. Come join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month for some drone flying. If there is rain, storms, or high winds forecasted, the event will be cancelled, or it can be moved to the following day. Watch the comments. Bring your drones, ground stations, windsocks, etc... or just come by to check out others fly. We can also coordinate a few demos of some drone flight planning software and potentially schedule some simple games. Just leave a note if you are interested. Most importantly, we must ensure that everyone flies safely and legally. We do not want any accidents! Make sure you register your drone: Feel free to bring some drinks, snacks, chairs, shade tents, and family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you out there. Happy Flying!

5052 Plaza on the Lake

5052 Plaza on the Lake · Austin

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This group is dedicated to building a local community to promote use of civilian drones. Whether you're a hobbyist or professional drone pilot, we hope to encourage safe and responsible flying and learn through information sharing of knowledge and experiences while flying with others who are passionate about flying robots.

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